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Dragonfly Footbags is the premier brand of high quality, hand made footbags (hacky sacks) in the U.S. and abroad. We here at FootbagShop.com have exclusively shipped Dragonfly Footbags as well as Mr. Sandbags, Dirtbags, Sandmasters and many other footbags to over 100 countries around the world and every state in the US!  We continue to support the sport of footbag, bringing new products to market such as the Dragonfly line of chainmail footbags and products from other premier footbag stitchers such as Hanna Mickiewicz's Hania Bags and Richard Abshire's Abshire Footbags.

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Buyers Guide

Here is some info about our different footbags.

Check out the Freestyle Footbag Section for beginner footbags at a great price! Our Freestyle Footbags will take your skills to the next level. All of our premium freestyle footbags are hand stitched with tough nylon thread and carefully filled with plastic pellets. These footbags have the perfect amount of pop and break in quickly; ideal for the beginner who is just starting off!

Want to step up your game? Head over to the Metal Footbag or the Sand Footbag Section to browse some super stallable bags. Each one of our sand bags is filled with purified sand and stitched with super tough thread to help stop leakage. All our metal bags are filled with tiny metal beads; which bestow upon the user the ultimate stallability, and stitched with the same tough nylon thread.

Pro-Series Section... professional level, painstakingly hand-sewn premium facile footbags. Undoubtedly the best in town... bar NONE! Click here to see 'em.

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