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Spyro 152


Diameter (Inches) 2
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Very Full
Panels 152

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Spyro 152
Spyro 152

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  • --Size Comparison--
    --Size Comparison--


The Spyro 152 is an aptly named monster. The Spryo won’t leave your sight easily. Spryo was really developed for freestyle beginners, though it can also be a great bag for those simply looking to polish their freestyle tricks. Spryo isn’t a great bag for stalling, but it will help your skills become the best in town. The Spyro is filled medium/full with plastic pellets because as you break it in, the 152 panels will expand and increase the size of this footbag.


Diameter (Inches) 2
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Very Full
Panels 152



    • good for experinced players

      Review by Matt on 11/28/14
      I've had this footbag for some time now and it took some time to get use to. at first it was very hard to play with and would just roll and roll and roll. but with time me and the footbag improved together. my skills with control improved and spyro got broken in and can hit the ground and stay where it landed I've had no problems with all the stitching that goes in to it. I recommend this footbag for group play and honing in on your kicks and control. if you decide to get this footbag don't give up on it right away cuz of control issues it took 2 weeks of me squizing it by hand for 2 hours a day almost and carrying it in my pocket and sitting on it till the control started to "kick" in
    • Majestic

      Review by Four on 5/10/14
      I really love this bag. It is definitely a panelision conundrum. Don't let the four stars fool you. It is my favorite number. And also because the bag has very poor control (I didn't really expect otherwise) but nun the less one star lower. It is a fun bag to play with. Just be patient and break it in. Oh and having the right bagging shoes would help greatly ^_^
    • for skilled players

      Review by Ryan on 8/31/12
      Do not buy this unless you are passionate about the sport of footbag. If you have passion for the sport, BUY THIS!!! It is so fun! Different from many footbags but it provides an amazing challenge!
    • bad.

      Review by Bryce on 10/25/11
      I got this hack YESTERDAY and It was so filled it ripped which wasnt that bad because i could take some beads out because it was super full. but it does have areally good pop and the design is sicknasty but for new hackiers dont get this hack if u want to get better.
    • Meh...

      Review by PATERZON007 on 8/18/11
      To be completely honest I'm not really impressed. The bounce is good but the "synthetic suede" doesn't really do it for me plus its I think a little too full to deserve a Medium description. Still fun to mess around with though.
    • Good!

      Review by Nick on 6/29/11
      This bag is good once you get it broken in. Dont get frustrated when you first start top play with it. Be patient and it will break in making it a very good circle kicking sack. Also, i can actually stall it about 60% of the time now that ive had it about 4 weeks, so it isnt impossible to stall it.
    • Nice Hack

      Review by Luketheduke on 5/23/11
      I just received my hacky sack in the mail today. I was a little disappointed it was completely full beings it says the fill level is only medium. Maybe it will loosen up when I get it broken in. Overall though its a sweet lookin hack.
    • that's as big as it gets?!

      Review by Good on 12/1/10
      this is a good bag, but when it first arrived i was disappointed in the size, hoping it'd be bigger. dope design and color scheme. i can deal with the fullness, plus i heard once it's broken in it's gravy. but it's the size that gets me. i wanted a bigger one but it failed to live up to it's claim...glad i got it on sale instead of paying 21+ dollars on it...
    • a great footbag

      Review by Kyle on 7/17/10
      this one is great for circle kicking and had a nice pop to it.
    • a-m-a-z-i-n-g

      Review by footbagpro on 6/21/10
      fantastic footbag!!! best one ive ever used!!!
    • BA

      Review by akmid on 6/14/10
      best bag ive ever used hands down the doppest thing in the world
    • @mitch

      Review by John Webber (Dragonfly) on 8/24/09
      @mitch: I looked up your order and we shipped it out on Monday, 2 days after your order. We don't ship on Saturday or Sunday. Orders shipped via USPS First Class Mail typically take 2-4 business days to arrive but can sometimes take up to 10 business days.
    • Shipping?

      Review by Mitch on 8/14/09
      I ordered this on Saturday and it is now Friday and they have not arrived, What is up?
    • don't listen

      Review by rustcroc on 6/13/09
      fasthippie420 never broke it in once you break it in it is one of the best footbags you'll ever own!
    • Great Hacky!!!!

      Review by Zach on 6/10/09
      This Hacky was one of the first ones that i had and its been one of the best ones that i've owned.
    • full, or not full, that is the question

      Review by yourdadhacks? on 6/4/09
      I bought a Spyro 152 a couple of months ago. It's red, black, white, and yellow. It came very full and round. took a while to break in, but I love it now, and so does my son. I gave it to him, and bought another for myself. it's the green, yellow,white, and black. This thing is only half full ,and is flat.
      Nothing against flat bags, I have a collection of over 20 bags and several of them are flat. I liked having the fuller bag in my collection, and when I reordered, i expected to get the same thing, but I didn't.
    • GREAT!! but kinda big

      Review by beginner on 5/25/09
      this is a great hacky sack!!! its really easy to save!! but it is really hard to stall and it is a little bigger than i thought...but its worth the money!!!!!!!!!!
    • Terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Review by Fasthippie420 on 5/1/09
      Everyone do not make the same mistake I did I bought this hacky thinking it would be a good product but my local hippie shop has hacks for 5 bucks and they are way better. This thing is clumsy and big and the month I had it it never broke in. I just gave up on it.
    • I broke it in!

      Review by rustcroc on 4/8/09
      I broke it in and i got my personal record of 213 kicks!
    • nice

      Review by arm on 3/31/09
      when i first looked at this bag and when i boght it i thought it was going to be a regular size but when it got here i was like wow thats a biginn'.
    • sickkkkkkkkkkkk

      Review by spyro on 3/29/09
      best bag ever. i orderd the green but i guess they ran out cuz i got red but the white panels allow me to see it very well. shipping was reaaaaaaaaally fast. 4 days!!!!!
    • LoZ

      Review by Bokind on 3/10/09
      Is it just me or does the green one have little triforces from the legend of zelda all of it! well it does in my eyes, i bought it and its awsome
    • It is good

      Review by yes on 12/29/08
      I have it and it is a little bit bigger than a doorknob if you want to for traveling places i don't suggest it if you want to use it in your front yard it is perfect.it's large build helps you keep an eye on it
    • hmmmhmm

      Review by torag on 12/26/08
      yes i think you should get it i have it and its awsome easy to kick and yuo cant lose it that easly and it is "big".
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