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Smasher 44


Diameter (Inches) 2 1/4
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Full
Panels 44

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Smasher 44
Smasher 44

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There’s no other footbag quite as intense as the Smasher 44. It's one of our most popular footbags and footbaggers love it! Featuring an exclusive raised panel design that’s perfect for popping off your foot, the Smasher is as true as it gets. Give this one a try – you’ll love every minute with your Smasher.


Diameter (Inches) 2 1/4
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Full
Panels 44



    • A Smashing Good Time

      Review by Ben on 4/26/13
      While it may look like something from Mario Kart, the Smasher is quite a surprising footbag. The raised panels don't do as much as the product says, but the Smasher is a lot of fun.

      The Smasher is a good all-around footbag. It has a nice amount of pop, great control, and is able to stall surprisingly well for a plastic medium filled bag.

      The control with the footbag is what stood out most for me. I was able to get nice pop and the bag was easy to maneuver.

      Overall this was my favorite footbag I've owned, sadly my friend kicked it on the roof of my school. Great for circle sacking.

      Note: the fill level seems more medium than medium full, contrary to what the description says.

      Pop: 7/10
      Stallability: 5/10
      Durability: 8/10
    • Good

      Review by jwolfe on 3/14/13
      I just got this bag and it needs some breaking in. Its got good pop, but is hard to control at first. Also, it says this bag is full with beads, but mine was medium, definitely not full. Beside that, great bag, i recommend it. raised panels are just for show
    • Coolio HACK!

      Review by Pedro on 3/3/12
      Wen i first got it I was muy impresionado. It was el mucho tiempo before it arrived in Mexico, but I have to say Muy Biene to Dragonfly footbags. It lasted a while,... still a good Hackie
    • My Favorite!

      Review by Steven on 2/9/12
      When you first get it, it needs to be broken in. Don't be discouraged! Once you break it in it has good control, and stalls better than you would ever expect a plastic-filled footbag to stall. I got it as my first good footbag 4 years ago, and although it's been through some weeks of camping, and a couple of sewing sessions, it still works great for 4 years.
    • Awesome Footbag!

      Review by Steven on 2/8/12
      The plastic fill isn't quite so full as the usual pellet bag, making it have better control. The raised panels may make it seem like it's hard to control, but this hack has led me to over 1000 consecutive hits. It's unique panels make a great increase to the stall-ability of this footbag. If you take proper care of it, it'll last for a long time. I've had mine for 4 years now, and although currently retired and in my trophy case, it is the first good footbag I ever had, and has sparked a love for the fine art of footbaging in my school. Our group is so big that we convinced the administration to offer it as a competition during red ribbon week; of which I won using a Dragonfly footbag that I love almost as much, the Drifter.
    • great but not for beginners

      Review by jojo on 2/7/12
      amazing pop but it's hard to control. I can't get it to stall because its made of plastic bb's. But if your just looking to do numbers then it's boss!
    • Not awesome.

      Review by Nick on 11/7/11
      It looks awesome, the colors and the raised panels really make it worthy of such a name, "SMASHER". But overall, its not too great. The pop is absolutely uncontrollable, it really takes off at the slightest touch. Its a good idea, but it can be improved. Try less filling, its like a rock. I like the thought, but not really ideal for... well... anything.
    • It has very good control but doesn't very well

      Review by Scott on 6/22/11
      Awesome control but its stalls are hard to get its just keeps on rolling and won't stay on your foot but other than that its a great footbag and i love the raised panel design.
    • Very good

      Review by max on 11/25/10
      Excellent pop and control. Favorite by far for circling and awesome to get control skills up.
    • great pop

      Review by Mike on 7/9/10
      Not for stalls but a great bag for kicking around. Very well made and looks cool when kicked

    • Pretty Sweet -- Good Starter

      Review by Newbie on 6/11/10
      I just got this today and it's my first one from Dragonfly (I've had others, but I heard Dragonlfy was the best). I was a bit disappointed at the fill level--it says it's supposed to be full (the way I like it) but it was a little on the empty side. I have no idea what the "raised panel" thing does either, it doesn't seem to make a difference. Still though, everything else is great. Good for circle play but not for stalling. Overall a great hack!
    • Good pop. Bad stalling

      Review by Smals on 6/6/10
      This hack has excellent pop. It's a little light in weight but that's ok for me. Once you get it you need to bang it with a hammer or something to loosin it up. But you can't stall it just rolls off your foot.
    • Best circle hack ever

      Review by Entreri on 5/15/10
      This footbag is great. do not get this hack thinking you will be able to stall it. good luck if you try. i would give this hack a 0 in stall power but 99 million in everything else. best circle hack ever!!!!!
    • Great Hack

      Review by Tjizzle on 4/23/10
      I just got it a little while ago and it's great. Everyone says it's too full, but that's just because of the plastic filling. It feels that way at first on all of them. It really loosens up when you wash it once and even with just normal play. It's legit, pops great. I'd recommend it.
    • pretty good-check out my blog for more reviews ravensfootbag.blogspot.com

      Review by raven_bm on 10/16/09
      The Smasher 44 is my main shredding hack right now-though that will change soon. It is about 90% full of plastic beads, made of 44 Synthetic Suede panels and has an "exclusive raised panel design"-footbagshop.com which is supposed to counter the fill level and make it easier to stall.

      Stall- 5/10 Not horrible just...OK.
      Pop-9/10 It really takes off.
      Wobble-9/10 Flies true.
      Over All- 7/10
      This isn't the best bag iv ever kicked it but its pretty good. i don't think the raised panels really worked for me(but it really did look cool). Personally i dont like my hacks really full . But you cant take just my reviews and say its crap choosing bags is all about personal preference. but if every one hates it, it actually might be a piece of crap
    • Great

      Review by Sebas on 7/1/09
      Great footbag and it looks great.
    • Remember..

      Review by rustcroc on 6/19/09
      Remember to gently pull up the panels when you get this bag. When you get it, it's squished in a bag. You have to pull up the panels for it to work better. It is 80% filled------ 90% filled. I just got it 10 minutes ago and have to break it in, I'll add more info. about this when i break it in.
    • cool

      Review by matrix on 5/31/09
      this thing has awesome control!!!
    • smasher stalls!

      Review by sawyer on 3/30/09
      this is a great bag and its pretty good on stalls I can stall it 8 of 10 times when the footbag is above my head. If your looking for a good kick bag and an ok stall bag this is it! just learn how to stall properly and let the bag break in.
    • YES!!!

      Review by tyler on 3/25/09
      Best hacky sack i've owned. Not the best stall bag but it gots some POP to it. great for tricks requiring more hang time
    • smasher

      Review by Smasher on 3/23/09
      I just purchased this footbag and its pretty good, certainly not for stalls but good for just kicking around. hard to control and hope it might break in
    • If it's your thing~

      Review by Townsitter on 3/17/09
      I'm not a big fan of the packed bags, I'm a 40%-60% fill person, it's definitely a quality bag though. Durable as they come, and as others say, the bounce is high and responsive but the tight packed beads make it a bit hard to control and stall.
      If your a kick person and not big on stalls, this is the bag for you. If your a stall person, honestly this isn't your bag.
    • Awesome..

      Review by dtbcollumb on 3/10/09
      Had this sack for over a year. It pop's much higher when you kick it. LOVE it.
    • the best footbag i have

      Review by cool on 1/22/09
      it's awesome it is so soft i love it i got it the second you restocked it's truly a great bag
    • awsome!!!

      Review by torag on 12/26/08
      i just got it its freaking awesome when you kick it it goes high and doesnt hurt your foot or anything.....awesome hacky sack great great.
    • great bag

      Review by baz22 on 11/9/08
      it has a huge effortless pop. it literally feels like every time i kick it it makes its own sonic boom to lift it up in the air. also unlike many tightly packed footbags it has a lot of control.
    • Great!!!

      Review by CKD hacky on 10/30/08
      This sack kick so much a** its not even funny, it is the best one i own probably
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