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Sandmaster Footbag


Brand World Footbag
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Sand
Fill Level Medium
Panels 14

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Sandmaster Footbag
Sandmaster Footbag

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The SandMaster® is a succulent 14-panel footbag (hacky sack) made of a super soft and tough synthetic suede, and filled with sand. The new and improved outer cover material, tighter stitching and unique corner closures increase its durability and sand retention. The SandMaster® footbag’s 14-panels insure this model will stay extremely round for consistent kicks combined with the stickiest of stalls. **This footbag comes with the World Footbag Association’s highest recommendation** “It takes a kicking, and keeps on sticking”!


Brand World Footbag
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Sand
Fill Level Medium
Panels 14



    • Great Footbag

      Review by Daniel Senova on 8/20/14
      This was my first footbag ever and it brought to an intermediate within months of use. Its also easy to break in, it only take maybe 10 minutes to get a hang of. Unfortunately, it begins to leak after several months (for me it took 3 months). To summerize it's an all around good hack (stalls, freestyle, tricks, etc., etc.).

      Pop 7/10
      Control 9/10
      Stalls 8/10
    • GET IT NOW

      Review by Ryan on 6/23/13
      This bag is awesome. I've had it for a couple weeks now and it is seriously awesome. It has perfect pop, great stalling and terrific control. It takes a beating and the people that say it didn't hold up well either got defective bags or abused them. It was broken in in about 15 minutes just rolling it between my hands and of course playing with it. If you are debating getting this bag or not, GET IT. This is a great price for a great bag don't pass it up.

      Pop: 8.5/10
      Stalling: 9.7/10
      Control: 9.2/10

      Prefered over Mr. Sandbag and Dirtbag.
    • Great Hack

      Review by Rymann67 on 6/20/13
      I just got this hack and it is great. It took a couple minutes to break in and then it was ready to go. It has perfect pop, not to much, not to little. It also has terrific stalling ability. It has the perfect amount of filling and i prefer it over the dirtbag and mr sandbag. Well worth 8.50 you'd be sorry not to grab this one.

      Pop: 8.5/10
      Stall: 9.5/10
      Control: 8/10
    • Dang good

      Review by Ron on 4/30/13
      While I haven't yet bought a hack from Dragonfly, I do happen to have a SandMaster, and I can assure you, it is well worth the price. I had it for around 5 months before it sprung a leak, using it daily in a circle of 3-8 people. I got some fine sand from a volleyball court near my house, refilled it, and closed it up, along with reinforcing all the seams. After that, I've had it about a year and a half, still in good condition and still has great pop and stalls well.
    • not impressed

      Review by john on 2/27/13
      i got this hack about a week ago and it already ripped. i will never get another one
    • Eh

      Review by Nevin on 1/4/13
      get the infinity if you have enough money. this one is like a pillow, and it's pretty hard to stall, at least for me it is. I gave one of mine away, but i still have 2 more, and you don't know the quality your going to get. I have 2 of them and one is like a pillow and the other is like a worse version of the infinity
    • Best hacky sack ever

      Review by Ricky on 1/3/13
      This is the best professional hacky sack ever and it's great for its price. I've had it for two years and its never ripped or anything. If ur going to buy a hackysack this should be at the top of ur list. Only buy this one
    • Awesome

      Review by Brento on 12/12/12
      love it! had it for a year now, only one tear but i fixed it
    • : ))))

      Review by Tater0763 on 11/2/12
      This my frist hacky sack ever and i love it like crazy! Its great for stallin and that record kicks! Plus it looks kool!! When you frist get it be eaisy till its broken in. And its great to wash! Washed it 3 times and had it for 3 mounths and it dosnt leak at all!! Great sack really happy with it: )
    • AMAZING!!!!

      Review by johnny on 9/7/12
      There are no words to describe how beast this sack is. I got it yesterday, stalled it 19 times in a row, got over 80 hits with this, and beat my brothers record. (73)

    • The Start

      Review by Nick on 8/21/12
      This was the first footbag I ever owned, I bought one at the mall for $4 in 7th grade and I fell in love with the sport. It truly is a legend among men, and not many other footbags out there can measure up to its greatness. The pop is perfect. The stalls are flawless and there's really nothing you can't do with one. However, anyone who's ever owned one knows that they leak like a poorly run political campaign, and before you know it you've got an empty sack. But while they live, there is nothing that can compare to its legendary performance. If there was a footbag hall of fame, this would be up there with the true greats, like the famous Gumball 32 Facile, and the Nemesis 14 Metal. This truly has earned a special place in the hearts of footbaggers everywhere.
    • Pretty Legit

      Review by at0m on 8/9/12
      The SandMaster has got to be the longest lasting hack I have had the pleasure to own. Now at first the stalling and stability arent quite as good as metal, but over time I've come to perfer them over metal ones. They are also quite durable and can take alot of abuse. Perfect for rookies.
    • Its a Good starter hack

      Review by Alex on 6/25/12
      I've had mine for a year now and its still holding fairly well. its not a high quality hack like the dragonflys but they are still good for the price.they are loose filled so they are good for stalling there pop are good for the first time you use it but it loses it after broken in and used for along time.
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