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Pogo 8 Metal


Diameter (Inches) 1 3/4
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Fill Level Loose
Panels 8

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Pogo 8 Metal
Pogo 8 Metal

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What is there to say about one of the most popular footbags out there? The Pogo 8 metal is incredibly impressive. With its large panels & metal filling for control & stallability, this is the footbag to end all others. The Pogo 8 comes in vibrant color combinations that will help you to show off those skills in style! It has 8 panels, synthetic suede fabric, and of course, the cool metal filling.


Diameter (Inches) 1 3/4
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Fill Level Loose
Panels 8



    • Defective :(

      Review by Jon on 8/14/14
      I had high hopes when ordering this one and it does play well but... The fabric near the stitching is torn (looks loose at thread) and looked like that out of the package. I kicked it around a little bit and it just looks like its getting worse. Oddly its at almost every seem. Im sure this was a defect considering every other Dragonfly footbag has held up very well and I have never seen this happen with them. :(
    • Bed sack ever

      Review by Jordan on 1/30/14
      Best sack I've ever had, it has a nice pop and it's good for stalling. You have to use it for a bit to break it in and it's prime.
    • Best Hack I have ever had

      Review by michael on 5/18/13
      I bought one a couple years back, lost it when I stopped hacking for a while. Its been through a lot from a dog chewing on it to being kicked in a lake (which was retrieved) and it never broke or anything.But it is time to get a new one, can't wait to get it in the mail. I would recommend this bag to any body novice or not.
    • Awesome

      Review by Champ on 6/5/12
      I just got my footbag in the mail it has very well quality stiching and seems to hold up very well. Has amazing stalling ability but i wasnt to impressed with the pop it had. Definiatley recommend it for a beginner.
    • Good

      Review by Matt on 6/4/12
      Is a good foot-bag pops up nice and stalls easily my friend ordered one may 30th and got it June 2nd fast shipping i ordered one day later and hoping to get it tomorrow.
    • Good First Impression

      Review by Zach on 3/6/12
      Just got it in the mail, and after an hour i broke my consecutive hit record with it. It has good control and decent pop. Excellent stalls.
    • meh

      Review by raymond on 2/26/12
      its a really good sack but after a week or so the stitching came loose and it started leaking.
    • Great Bag, Love it.

      Review by David on 2/6/12
      I got this bag four days ago. It has help up, and seems that it will for awhile.
      For a loosely-filled, metal bag it has great pop, but it also stalls really well. I was really surprised by this. My friends and I love to play with this! I'm not very good, but I got my new high score of 25 with this bag just yesterday.

    • Great i love it

      Review by david on 12/10/11
      I got this bag the other day and I love it! I'm a freestyler myself and this bag does the trick. I love it!
    • Good, Not Perfect

      Review by Nick on 11/23/11
      It is a good footbag, it really is. It stalls just fine, has a good amount of pop for a metal bag. It has a certain, weird quality. It just didn't break in right, the fabric seems kinda strange. Like I said, it is a good bag, no real complaints, but it just doesn't feel so right for my taste. Overall, good bag, and I would recommend it for a first metal.

      Review by Hacky Sac KING! on 11/3/11
      good freestyle hack good for everything it last to i have had mine for a year and i hack daily
      buy it really but dont get it with white looks cool but it looks nasty after a good week of hacking love it good to stall and metal is where its at buy it buy it buy it!!!
    • Great bag

      Review by Chris on 10/12/11
      The bag plays nice, has a very nice fill level and pop. i love this bag to death, the only problem I had is after only 2 weeks of playing with my buddies, it has 2 holes :( oh well, ill just break out the sewing kit and fix it up
      defiantly worth the buy IMO
    • Incredible

      Review by Chris on 9/24/11
      WOW Ive had this for 2 days and it is just a fantastic foot bag! it stalls great and is super durable. (yes Ive broken several foot bags in 2 days or less!) It is very newbie friendly and my brother has demonstrated, and just an overall great bag for any skill level!
      HIGHLY recommended!!!
    • awesome bag

      Review by Shayne on 8/21/11
      im a newbie in footbags and this is my first foot bag and i love it, its durable and has great pop and stalls easily. i wish i was better so i could fully get some use out of it lol right now my left foot cant hit it straight what so ever haha.
    • BEST bag i've played with so far

      Review by Jimmy on 7/22/11
      This is by far the best footbag i've ever played with. Honestly, it's EXTREMELY durable. I bought the Whirl 6 at the same time i bought this one, and it already broke. This one has lasted me a month or so and it's still not showing much wear. I love it. If you are looking for a footbag...get this one. It pops and stalls so easily.
    • Awesome Footbag

      Review by Alex on 7/17/11
      Ive had it for about 2 weeks now, great bag, solid pop, easy stalls, I recommend this bag for any new footbaggers or even experienced ones. What are you waiting for? Buy it.
    • favorite hack

      Review by 4 add boss on 6/15/11
      i sell hacks and have played with over 20 kinds now. with that being said this is the most standard hack ever. its got solid pop and stalls like a charm. its smaller than the Nemesis but bigger than the eclipse. its just as durable as any other quality hack and more durable that soft ones like the midnight
    • [email protected]!!!!!!!!!

      Review by Koch on 6/7/11
      I bought this a 2 weeks ago use it all the time mad good for circles and stalls
      Good pop
      Good stalls
      Good weight
      Buy it ?!?!?!
    • Amazing Hacky!!!!

      Review by Gavin on 12/14/10
      The first two hacky sackys Ive gotten from dragonfly footbags was the Pogo 8 Metal and the illusion 32 plastic. I loved them both and the quality of these sacks made my hacking skills increase a ton! I love how the metal footbags stall so amazingly and how they are very durable. GREAT sack... I recommend!
    • awesome

      Review by dominic on 12/11/10
      This footbag came in the very first order I did and I love it it has not broken and its like 2 months old:) love it<3
    • good kicks short lived

      Review by salty sack on 9/28/10
      this sack has great control, it is very good for stalling, and variation tricks. i had it for only a week before it got a hole and started to leak.

      Review by RAWR on 9/3/10
      This is definitely the best footbag i have ever had sadly my brother lost it last week :(, BUY THIS BAG!
    • Loved it. Didn't Last Long though :/

      Review by Alex on 8/26/10
      This sack was amazing. I used it a ton. I found a hole in it. I've had it for two weeks. :/ Very upsetting...
    • Oh em eff gee

      Review by hacker on 7/13/10
      SOOOOOO GOOODDD...worth the money too ! hahaha
    • good bag for stalls

      Review by Mike on 7/9/10
      very heavy and easy to control. a great choice if you want a good bag at a good price.
    • awesome!!

      Review by hello on 7/3/10
      this bag is awesome, easy to stall and the bag stays around your feet so its easy to control

      Review by blink-182 lover on 6/7/10
      It's easy to stall right out of the box and you don't have to break it, It's so freaking awesome! This is worth more than it's price.
    • amazing

      Review by tony on 5/30/10
      the stalling dream, has great pop and the fill level is perfect. i would recommend to anyone
    • Awesome

      Review by CorpseGrinder on 5/26/10
      Dude i love this Sack, I Couldnt wait to get it and now that i got it i use it almost everyday

      Review by logan on 5/14/10
      this is the best sack i have ever used it stalls great has a lot of pop to it and its easy to see!!
    • ... Wickedddd

      Review by Muffin man on 5/5/10
      Uh love it friggin awesome the fill level is perfecto
    • amazing sack

      Review by scott on 3/31/10
      just got this hack and it broke in very fast and is insane for stalls hope it doesn't get any leaks
    • sweet

      Review by mat! on 3/11/10
      i love this hack it is good for stalls and freestyling, love it
    • legit rippage

      Review by collieman on 11/30/09
      my pogo metal had 2 holes, id say i had it for 2 months. it was a good footbag. im not to upset, although it got me ill
    • Hate it

      Review by Socal on 11/17/09
      I dont like it because no one at my school has metal bags and no one will play god with me because it hurts to bad.Whos idea was it for metal hacky sacks anyways?
    • Very Good

      Review by swizze - Modified player on 11/13/09
      Review 1 of 4 on metal bags i just received: (pogo, midnight, snowball, jack32)
      Fill level: 20%
      Weight: 73 Grams
      This bag is probably very good for Kicking and Shredding. I like to shred and i know this bag has good potential. I love the Fill level and weight. they are awesome.. The material is a little stiff right now, which is good because it will last longer. Give it time to break in by kicking it a little more than usual, in 1-2 months it will be sick.. I like the loose feel, definitely a good one to get if you never played with heavy and loose.

    • pretty good

      Review by me on 11/11/09
      pretty good for stalls and stuff but its a little to lose filling wise
    • amazing

      Review by spencer on 10/18/09
      i love this hack it is great for stalls but it is on the Heaviside but it is still a great hack.
    • really small. great for stalls

      Review by Zak on 10/5/09
      Awesome for stalls and barefoot. weighs 49.3 grams. very fragile feeling- im going to keep this one inside
    • Great for stalls but not too sturdy

      Review by Papa Bear on 9/30/09
      Well it shipped pretty fast and I was happy with that, but it was poorly made. I did not play in any rough areas, and I never did any toe pickups but it got 4 holes in 5 days!
    • Nice Hack

      Review by SACKITUP!!! on 9/29/09
      the bag is pretty sweet
    • freestyle

      Review by Slickety Quiks on 9/18/09
      this is the best for freestyle!

      Review by Hackysacker on 6/7/09
      It is a good sack and also it is 60-70 grams
    • love it

      Review by gerald on 5/16/09
      my favorite hack out of my collection
    • dope.

      Review by Kevin on 5/13/09
      Anyone who hacks with this hack instantly agrees that it is the best they have every played with, hands down.
    • good

      Review by steve on 3/27/09
      great sack i love it
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