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Midnight 32 Metal


Diameter (Inches) 1 7/8
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Panels 32

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Midnight 32 Metal
Midnight 32 Metal

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This little bag of awesomeness is one of sleek, dark looks. The jet black makes it stand out next to all other footbags! The 50 gram weight has a little more pop than the 75 gram, in which the added weight from the metal gives it excellent control and stallability. It has 32 panels, pitch black synthetic suede fabric, and of course, metal filling. You won't ever regret getting your hands (or we should say feet) on one of these!


Diameter (Inches) 1 7/8
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Panels 32



    • DOA and soon after

      Review by Matt on 5/3/16
      I ordered two of these footbags on amazon, one sand-filled and one 75g metal. The sand-filled was already leaking on arrival, and after the first game the metal one tore a stitch and started leaking pellets. I haven't began to pursue returns on amazon yet, but I think people should know these are uncharacteristic of Dragonfly sacks, I have a friend that has had the same model for years with no problem.
    • excellence

      Review by dan the man on 7/21/15
      ive had this hack for almost 3 year and im only now started to get hole in it ( from other people trying to scuff it) ive learn how to do all my trick with this hack and it is all around amazing. ive only experience 50g though.. still, so much fun
    • Favorite Bag

      Review by Robert on 5/18/15
      This was my go-to bag whenever I felt like playing. It's super controllable and just an all around comfortable bag to work with. I wish it hadn't been kicked up to an unreachable point while I was in a circle! I'll definitely be buying another one soon.
    • Good bag but empties quickly

      Review by Aaron on 4/3/15
      I've had this sack for about 2 weeks now. I love how this sack kicks - it has pretty decent pop, while being amazing for stalling. Unfortunately, though, it was at about half its starting weight after a week with 5 days of use for 30-60 minutes each. I would love to give this a better review, but I feel like my money would have been better spent buying something else, with as quickly as this sack has lost beads..
    • Sick bäg

      Review by Philip on 1/1/15
      This is one of my first dragonflys and I love it! I got the 75 gram weight. Great control, sweet weight, ok pop, and great for stalls! I definitely recommend this bag!
    • Buy it!

      Review by Jon on 8/5/14
      75G - Just got mine today. It feels like its already broken in and has amazing control.
      Stalls very nicely, and has good pop.

      Stall- 9.5/10
      Pop- 7/10
      Control- 9-10

      If you are deciding between this and another metal bag as your first, get this one.
    • skilled players will know

      Review by Xssassin on 5/14/14
      I have read lots of reviews where people say it rips easily, or stall is okay. This and all other metal filled footbags while last and Stall great if you know how to freestyle. No chicken scratching the bag of the ground. Get those ripwalk's and PS whirls, and butterflyswirls going young Chaps! This is a sacred thing these footbags, so respect and they will last and you will smile.
    • Great Intermediate Footbag!

      Review by HoldThisPancake on 4/3/14
      I have purchased all 3 different weights. The Synthetic Suede really breaks in well. Learned the around the world stall with the 75g one. The lightest one of mine did break, but I just sewed it right up and works great still! BUT, note that the type of material is different between my lightest one and the other ones. I purchased it in 2012 and purchased the 75g in 2014. The suede definitely has improved!
    • love it

      Review by gi_joe on 10/14/13
      no regrets on this purchase! stalls great even for a beginner. extremely durable, even here in Afghanistan.
    • Outstanding!

      Review by Keenan on 6/4/13
      bought the midnight 32 panel a while back (75g) and have ZERO regrets. pop gets a 8/10 and stalls after its broke in gets about a 7 1/2 /10. Loved it so much I bought 2 more just incase I were to lose on or if one broke. so far still on my first and that's 6 months later! would recommend to anyone! Thank you Dragonflyfootbags!
    • Good Sack but Not Durable

      Review by Ben on 4/25/13
      Got the Midnight 32 as my first hackysack. I was new to the game, and this worked well with me and my friends in a circle. However, the sack was torn in multiple holes after a few weeks.

      It's a small sack, and with the loose metal filling it makes it tough to control sometimes; after it is broken in it becomes a little more controllable, however.

      The stallability is nice after it is broken in.

      Me and my friends did beat the sack up pretty badly daily, but we were surprised it leaked pellets so quickly.

      Overall, a quality metal footbag with a nice blend of pop, control, and stallabilty, just don't expect it to last long unless you treat it with care.

      Control: 5/10
      Pop: 5/10
      Stallability: 7/10
      Durability: 3/10

    • Great!

      Review by Daniel on 3/12/13
      this was my second hack from here and its amazing. i got the 50 gram for less filling and it makes it great for stalling
    • Simply the best

      Review by clebs on 2/16/13
      This was the best hacky I have ever had. Great pop, but not amazing for stalls. Still great though!!!
    • Awesome bag!

      Review by Jbird on 11/14/12
      I've had this bag for about 8½ months now and it's still going strong. No leaks or anything. You can still see where the dragon is but it's really faded. I'm really happy I spent the money to get this bag!
    • Good bag but not for beginners

      Review by Salamander on 11/8/12
      I just got into this fun sport but honestly this is for experienced players. My office loves to play in a circle and we have a great time but obviously we are not experienced so we have some trouble with this bag. Also it seems to be a little delicate but I think this is also due to the fact that we are not experienced and step on it alot and so it has already started leaking on me and I only have had it a week. But I just need to downgrade to a more beginner friendly bag. Still think this bag is awesome, just need more time playing. Thanks.
    • Great footbag

      Review by boss on 11/7/12
      This footbag is the bomb!!! My bro gave it to me and it stalls super well & I got my record with this! Abloloutly the best bag ever. I got the Eclopse 32 Metal, and it's pretty good, but this is better. A must buy Bag!!

      Great job DragonFly!!!!!
    • Great footbag

      Review by Shelby on 10/30/12
      Awesome, love the black, love the footbag, love the filling, love everything lol.
    • Nifty

      Review by Nick on 8/28/12
      This hack is amazing when broken in. I can do stalls easily, and it's great for circles. I got the 75 gram btw.
    • Great

      Review by Brett on 7/30/12
      Awesome bag. Love the control and weight of the half fill. Unfortunately it got a small hole in it and I'm no tailor. I bought the half fill one and it's lost too much fill to shut it up now.
    • Material Love

      Review by RandallZ on 7/25/12
      I have to say, this material and how much they used, was used very well. I love it, It sags like a true sack once broken in ;)
    • Amazing!

      Review by Randy on 7/9/12
      Best footbag I have ever had. I've had one before and played with it so much it eventually just shattered. I sewed it so many times but it was worth it the whole time. I just ordered another one and I'll probably keep ordering them for a while. Great job with this one Dragonfly!
    • Sweetness

      Review by II on 7/1/12
      Its the best hack I have ever been privileged to kick around. I bought the 75 gram one and I absolutely fell in love with Leroy Jenkins. I have put him through the ringer and back in big and small groups. Beginner and pro people and they loved him. My biggest and only problem is that he has gotten some holes in him out of the factory and after using it for a few months. If that could be fixed it would be the supreme sack. Epic beyond belief
    • pretty good

      Review by lnk2past on 6/13/12
      It was my first footbag from this site, and I was pretty pleased at first. It had very little use for a while (I bought this back in January). I am writing this review now, as it seems that the footbag is reaching its end now that I have begun to use it frequently.

      I bought the 75g, It had a good pop, but still great for stalling. Good control too. Its been in use for about a month now, and it is already leaking quite a bit. It seems to really only be good for beginners and light use.

      As my first footbag, I'd say it was really awesome. I just wish it lasted longer.
    • gratest hack ive ever owend

      Review by trpaga on 6/12/12
      this hack is amazing i have the 50gram and its great. its been through hell and back this things been in a swimming pool for 1hour. a fire pit and didnt get ruined. so its very durable ive had it for about 2 months still not a scratch it has great pop and great stall and all around great for group and solo.
    • Great Sack...

      Review by Weave on 6/11/12
      I loved this one for a few days, but lost it down a storm sewer....booooo! It's very similar to an assassin, but black:)
    • Made me mad

      Review by Robo Kop on 5/21/12
      It was good for the three days I had it. Somewhere in the three days I had it the stitching came loose and there is a dime sized whole in it. I won't lie it was great but unless you be really gentle don't plan on it lasting long.

      **********RESPONSE FROM STAFF**********

      I'm sorry that your footbag didn't last very long for you. If you contact us at orders(at)footbagshop.com or give us a call 888-339-7185, we would be more than happy to assist you!

      **********RESPONSE FROM STAFF**********
    • Indeed

      Review by Ryan on 5/16/12
      Indeed one of the best! i just ordered 4 new footbagsss
    • awsome!

      Review by cludell on 5/6/12
      It is the most wicked sick bag i've ever got! it is perfect for my buds to play with and stall and just have a great party hard footbag game of either pig or add on
    • The difference

      Review by Crash on 5/6/12
      The seller for me when it came to this bag is that it doesn't leak. I have gone through many a sand bag. But the big question I had is what is the real difference between metal and sand other than the obvious. The difference is stability and hang time This footbag is truly amazing. I have the 75g.
    • amazing

      Review by tariq on 5/5/12
      i love this sack it has very good pop and has amazing control the only reason im giving it a 4 is because of the color its black and hard to see in low light if dragonfly made the midnight metal with better colors i would buy it for sure i highly recommend this sack
    • Sickness....uhhh that about sums it up

      Review by E-Whit on 4/24/12
      'i just want to make a shout out not only ethan bradshaw (my next door pal) but to all the other people stressing about what sack to purchase. It warms your soul to connect your foot to this sack
    • Best ever

      Review by Zeke on 4/10/12
      This hacky sack was my first and everything about it is great
      It stalls great
      Perfect pop
      And is great for circles
      I got mine in 75g
      This footbag can take a hit!
    • amazing

      Review by dub98 on 4/8/12
      i just got this foot bag for easter and its awesome i have the 50 gram and its perfect it is just a good foot bag
    • awesome

      Review by frank on 3/15/12
      it was the best hacky sack I've ever played with... until it fell down the elevator shaft in my dorm :(
    • okk

      Review by sack master on 3/15/12
      it was a good sack while it lasted but after 2 days it broke :/
    • awsome

      Review by twitch on 3/13/12
      Just got my bag in the mail today and its awsome it handles and stalls great
    • AWESOME!!!

      Review by Jake on 1/28/12
      Really easy to stall with! I can even stall it without shoes on! THe only bad thing was it started leaking pretty badly and i've had it for less than a month. Great bag though! Nice job Dragonfly!
    • Requires a bit of TLC

      Review by Buckley on 1/28/12
      I want to say I love this sack, I really do. But how can I when it began leaking on me on day 1 and is progressively getting worse? Other than that this is a great bag, perfect for stalls and group hacks, unfortunately ill likely have to send mine back in :(
    • Awesome

      Review by xHoneydew on 1/28/12
      This one of my favorite footbags ever. I just love the black on it and its a perfect weight. This bag is perfect for stalls just like the Mr. Sandbag. I highly recommend this footbag.
    • Legit

      Review by Will on 1/26/12
      This is the best hack I've ever had, and the black is just awesome. this footbag is so easy to stall, I have the 72 grams version, and that is an awesome weight, which I highly recommend! such nice quality, definitely worth the money.
    • Absolute perfection!

      Review by John on 1/18/12
      I love this footbag! It is amazing for stalls, very good pop for a metal. and it is basically broken in already! I've order a few different bags from these guys, and most are really stiff at first, but they all loosen up. this one is ready right out of the bag! My favorite bag by FAR!!
    • BEST EVER!!

      Review by logan on 1/14/12
      ok so before this baby i had a old crotchet that was way hard like a rock couldn't stall at all and just sucked but then got this baby in the mail bought 2 ok so my recommendations don't use on concrete will rip but if u use on carpet or nice grass shell last a loong time ;)
    • Freakin' great!

      Review by ShiftyWalrus on 1/8/12
      Before I lost mine, this bag was awesome! Perfect size, great pop, pretty good stall, and it was really durable. I used it everyday, and brought it to school so my friends and I could circle hack at recess. It's an amazing footbag, whether your a beginner or a pro, this bag will not let you down. So what are you waiting for? Buy it all ready!
    • Amazing

      Review by jared on 12/31/11
      Be gentle on it and it will last, perfect, great pop, its a must have if you wanna get good
    • beginner's first bag

      Review by javi on 12/23/11
      I'm a beginner and I decided to get this through lots of online research... I can't really compare to any other bags, but I do know its been through some tough times and its still holding up strong.
    • GREAT

      Review by Allin2012 on 12/15/11
      i love them! i first used it when a friend had one and it was perfect
    • Awesome

      Review by Floopbloop on 11/16/11
      Buy it now or you are crazy. It is awesome!
    • Pretty good

      Review by Brendan on 11/13/11
      I've had this bag for a couple of months now, the first one i ever got from dragonfly, but it's awesome! It's great for kicking, it's okay for stalling. Don't be fooled by its size its great!
    • LEGIT

      Review by footbag boss on 11/1/11
      this sack is amazing! it is awesome for stalling, most of the time you can control it, it is loose, medium filled at first but loosens up quick. This i one of my favorite sacks! The midnight 32 metal and the assassin 32 metal are my top. The midnight has some pop to is but you get used to it. It is good for free-styling but really good for stalling. I would recommend to to anybody from beginner to advanced, REALLY GOOD SACK!!! buy it now
    • The BEST sack!

      Review by big cheese on 10/1/11
      this hacky sack is the best one ive ever used! i got my new record on it! 52!!!!
    • the best

      Review by lizard on 9/11/11
      i have had this footbag for a long time and it got no holes in it. and greatfor stalling
    • Very Nice

      Review by Malcolm the Celt on 8/17/11
      Got the 75 gram three months ago. My first metal and is still the best stall i have. For sure recommend to any and all. Just ordered the 50 along with a couple other bags
    • great for stalling

      Review by Sam on 8/13/11
      Great footbag! awesome for stalling, I got the 50 gram one and it was perfect.
    • Love and hate

      Review by Matthew on 8/1/11
      I love this footbag and it is by far my favorite in all aspects of the game. The one thing I hate about it is the durability of it. I go through them in a matter of weeks. The stitching always comes apart some where and all of the fill comes out. If you guys can find a way to make the stay together better I would give this 5 stars.
    • pretty darn good

      Review by Bill on 7/29/11
      I just got this one today and it was kind of flat coming out of the envelope, but was no problem because i could stall it in just a couple hours! i like the weight too, the 75g one. The only reason i gave the midnight 32 4 stars is because the sweet little dragonfly on one of the panels is already coming off.
    • Kind of disappointed :(

      Review by chris on 6/21/11
      It was great for the first couple minutes, but then it just broke every where. Doesn't hold up at all...
    • Best footbag ever!

      Review by Dr Hackmaster on 6/11/11
      super easy to stall. Very supple material. Seems like it might wear out faster than my other footbags.

      I have 14 footbags. Several are dragonfly footbags and they are all great. I have a good mix of sand, plastic pellets, and metal bags. I have a couple rasta sipas, and one original leather HackySack (retired from action). I love each one in its own way, but the Midnight 32 metal 75 gram footbag gives me more stall control and is the most fun for solo hackin of any footbag I have ever owned.

      The sand and plastic bead footbags are better for group play, but this metal footbag is elevating my stalls, accuracy, and control. It is heavy and takes more energy to play than a plastic sack or sand bag, but it is really really fun.
    • awesome

      Review by poopy on 6/9/11
      This hacky sack is amazing for stalling and is average for circle kicking. If you want a good footbag with a lot of pop and is good for circle kicking get something like the spyro 152. The midnight is really good for freestyle.
    • So good I got another

      Review by H on 6/8/11
      So I got one of these a few weeks ago and it was definitely the greatest sack I ever used. It broke in quickly and only got better! But, after two weeks, my dog chewed a hole in it! This sack was so good, however, that I got another! Great sack!
    • FANTASTIC!!!!!!

      Review by carl the llama on 6/7/11
      i owned this foot bag for a while, but like all good things it eventually came to an end. so i bought another. its only 15 bucks and thats a great price with custom fill! if i could give footbaggers any wisdom, it would be dont get angry when they burst finally and dont submit a bad review on a good thing =)
    • All-around great

      Review by Bob on 6/3/11
      Best sack ever. definitely go with the 75gm. It's great for people that want good pop. Also very durable, its been 4 weeks and still holding up great after some hard use. If your going to order a footbag off this website order this one.
    • Best yet!

      Review by RPM on 6/2/11
      This is easily the best footbag i have had yet!!! right out of the bag it is ready to go to stall! The metal makes a sweet sound and it is so easy to control! It is pretty small. Probably the size of a mr. sandbag. Love the size and controllability. PERFECT SACK. I bought the 50g and might try and buy the 75g in the future. Highly recommend.
    • oh...ya...

      Review by fear the midnight on 6/2/11
      you have to get the midnight it is the best hacky sack every!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • broke

      Review by mad on 6/1/11
      seam ripped 2nd day of having it what a waste of money
    • it will get a hole soon after purchase, don't buy it

      Review by Levi on 5/28/11
      I loved this bag for about two days, then it started to leak. I patched it and used it for a day and I found another hole. wouldn't recomend it unless you can sew.
    • baggatastic

      Review by Wolf on 12/3/10
      midnight 32 metal is a great looking footbag it has decent weight and stucture excellent
    • F***ing awesome!

      Review by Yenkel on 12/2/10
      I have so much control over this bag. Stalls amazingly, pops nicely, and durable. Love it!
    • Pretty Darn Good

      Review by Nikko on 11/30/10
      I love this sack
      Allittle small
      I got the 50 gram and i don't think it's enough
      When you read this review don't be skeptical,
      I was when I was finding the right bag
    • GREAT

      Review by MichaelJ on 11/26/10
      My friend got this hack and i borrowed it for a week, Pretty small, but the size is amazing, the weight fill is PERFECT, easy stalls, easy pop, easy tricks, the only bad thing about this is that the color is black :( DRAGONFLY PLEASE MAKE THSI FOOTBAG IN ANOTHER COLOR
    • amazing

      Review by colin on 11/24/10
      best sack ive owned. my friends keep on asking to pull it out and use it. they loved it, i loved it. then i lost it :(
    • Amazing

      Review by Jack on 11/18/10
      Best bag I've ever used
    • sweet!

      Review by ninja on 11/17/10
      its anice hacky sack for the day time. good for stalls and freestylin. but when the sun goes down its hard to see and easy to lose but other than that its a beast footbag
    • sick footbag!

      Review by Darcy on 11/15/10
      i have had it for a while. i have not used it much (just not into it) but i am starting again now. the 50 gram filling is perfect for me but i think most wud like 75. it fell in my pool and still works fine. it actually works well wet. i wud get the same one or the assasin if i got another.
    • it ripped

      Review by Justin on 11/13/10
      i got the hacky sack and i was playing with it fora wile maby about an hour of two and i stalled it and tosed it up kicked it again and the filling went every where i dont recemend this one becaus it has to many pananles try one with less and you should be OK
    • Great

      Review by hack master on 11/13/10
      I have had this footbag for at least 3 years and it is the best footbag i have ever owned the stitching is great and i think the only bad thing is the color because unless you have a light or the sun you cant play it
    • Highly Recomend it!

      Review by Rob on 11/6/10
      I love this footbag! Its got a ton of pop making it so beast for footbag circles and is durable. I have had it for 3 weeks now and i have noticed 0 imperfections. The only thing im a little mad about is the very small to ones i have used before (about 1-1.5 inches in diameter) and i not the best for stalling (but is still very good), it may be because i got the 75g. Overall great bag and I highly recomend it! The shipping was a little slow because i live in the "Great White North". It took 8 days to arrive.

    • the best

      Review by jonathan on 10/19/10
      i love this i got this and the illusion 32 this one was fast to break in and is wonderful to stall
    • Hurts Your Feet

      Review by Paul on 10/18/10
      Great footbag for stalls, but it hurts my friends' feet. Also I would recommend the lighter weight filling. Just my preference.
    • Best Footbag I Own.

      Review by Dontemp on 10/13/10
      I got this footbag about a year ago and it is the best footbag I have ever had. I have the 50 gram filling which I find is a good balance for control and stalling. It isn't good for group hacky sacking because it doesn't have as much pop as bigger, plastic filled footbags. It is hard to play with at night though haha. Also it is very tough against wear and tear. I ripped a small hole just big enough for a bead to get through but I sewed it back and it is good as new.
    • it ripped after an hour!

      Review by Sam on 10/3/10
      i loved this hack untill after an hour of using it nonstop, one of the seams ripped open. i tried sewing it back and after a 30 minute session it ripped again... i wouldnt reccomend a 32 hack a 14 or 24 would be better but i still like dragonfly footbags
    • best sack ive owned!!!

      Review by *_* on 9/28/10
      The extra weight from the metal makes this sack perfect for stalls..and it still has great pop!I like how its black too..i was kinda suprised when i saw how small it was but when i got to playing with it the size didnt matter..BEST SACK EVER
    • primo so far

      Review by max on 9/27/10
      Just recieved this hack 10min ago its quite a bit smaller than i expected but its still gota way better flow than all my previous plastic and sand filled hackys. Starting to get way better at stalls already.
    • nice but not strong

      Review by woody on 9/26/10
      best bag ever to play with, but stiching came apart after a month or so
      still this thing is a real ego booster, tons of control and stalls every time.........EVERY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Sac-tastic

      Review by Keady on 9/18/10
      this sac is insane
      great for chillin with the bros and pullin off some sick stalls...pretty durable
    • good but not tough

      Review by Johnny on 9/4/10
      the hack is nice and also controllable as well. i had it for about a month and ripped a hole through one of the panels. Wish it was alot tougher for everyday play but above all the hack was very great and different (better) from other hacks.
    • alright

      Review by Douglas on 9/3/10
      it was good when i got it but then i played with it for a few hours(with care) and metal beads started to come out. i tried to save it by overlapping the stitchings with more stitchings but...but it was really good when i played with it.
    • My Favorite

      Review by Josiah on 8/27/10
      I just got this footbag(50 g.) and its the best one I have ever owned. It stalls nicely and has good pop to it too. I highly recommend it.
    • great footbag

      Review by jeremy on 8/11/10
      i just got it today and it felt so much better that the sand bag i have been kicking around i got the (50 g) and i beat the crap out of this bag to try to get to break in the fast it stalls nice and got pretty good pop to it a little smaller than i expected but that will only improve my skills
    • First Footbag

      Review by Devin on 7/29/10
      This was my very first legit footbag. It is still in great shape and is so far one of my favorite footbags from Dragonfly.
    • Great Bag

      Review by Bino on 7/24/10
      Definitely the best bag I've had thus far. I got it on accident and was skeptical of the metal at first, but from the first kick it was like butter. It lasted me close to a year and I loved it so much I kicked it until every last one of those little metal balls fell out... and then kicked it some more.
    • New, But Impressed

      Review by Paul on 7/20/10
      Just got it today (50g). Though I'm only a beginner, I was impressed by this bag enough to order a few more! If the shipping is as fast as my last order, I'll be set with the new bags by this weekend!
    • Meh

      Review by Lynden on 7/19/10
      This footbag has great control and feels nice to hack with, but not a week after receiving it it started ripping along a seam and leaking metal beads.
    • great

      Review by Drew on 7/14/10
      this hack is great! for stalling. durable and has a good weight. u need this hack!
    • Awsome Footbag Recommended

      Review by Hack The Sack on 7/11/10
      This footbag is honestly wayyyyy better than I thought it would be. After I went from a crochet hacky sack to this metal footbag I was so amazed at how well it popped for the weight difference and the easey control of it. It is ten time better for stalling do I can acctualy do a footstall now which I could'nt before because the hacky sakc always rolled. Also I have done the outside foot stall a few times to which would be near impossible with a normal hacky sack. The weight differnce between this and a normal crochet hacky sack is that after you get used to this (only took me like an hour or so) your old hacky sack will feel light as a feather. I got the 75g btw rly good. I love this footbag and would hate to loose it to bad play on other peoples part so I decided to get the very high rated with good reviews Mr. Sandbag for froup play because it is so cost efficent. Btw I live in Ontario Canada and the footbag took about 20 days normal to get here about 13 business days. (There where lots of special days so it took a while longer like 4th of july and what not) THANKS DRAGONFLY FOOTBAGS!!!!
    • nice bag

      Review by Mike on 7/9/10
      good kicker seemed to be lighter than the other metal bags but it kicks great. Can't see it on my foot(black shoes) but it is a great addition to my collection
    • Great

      Review by Dan on 7/3/10
      This is probably one of my favorite footbags! This and the Assain are very simular. Sick bag for freestyling, and stalling. Its also made great, hasnt leaked, and had it for over 6 months. Just got to take care of your footbags! Only thing is the color. Its hard to see, expecially on the carpet i play on
    • Disappointed

      Review by Mike on 7/1/10
      I love this hack but I was disappointed at how fast it got holes. After about a week, give or take, it got a pretty big hole. Then, about an hour later, 2 more holes. Don't get me wrong this is a great foot bag but it would probably be better not to use this on concrete.
    • preety good

      Review by O.K. on 6/26/10
      stalls good, and has good control. but it likes to roll alot.
    • Awesome

      Review by Sean on 6/24/10
      I just got the 50g footbag today and i love it! It stalls really well and is very controlable
    • Pretty Boss Footbag

      Review by James on 6/16/10
      I was skeptical at first of paying so much for this footbag, but it is definitely worth it. I do so much better with this footbag over any other kind. I was, however, saddened by the fact that after it's first game of assasin it had a hole. It was an easy fix and lasted about a month until after some group hacking it had another hole. I tried to contact dragonfly a few times to see if it could be fixed, but they never responded to do something about it. Overall, it is an amazing footbag and well worth the money, just take it easy.


      We are more than willing to rectify the situation. Please send an email to [email protected], and we will respond as soon as possible.

      David Webber
      Dragonfly Footbags
    • Freaking Awesome

      Review by Mack Attack on 6/16/10
      Before I purchased this footbag i could never get the clipper down. When I first used the Midnight 32, I accomplished a clipper on the first try. This is the best footbag on the market.
    • terrible

      Review by nick on 6/12/10
      broke after like 4 hours
    • it rocks

      Review by big john on 6/9/10
      I love this sack, it feels perfect when you hit it with your foot
    • Best I have ever owned

      Review by Dan on 6/7/10
      I have always been a crochet hacky sack kind of guy because that is how the sport was introduced to me. Recently I got tired of my old bag so I decided to go online to get something new; I bought this bag and was blown away. I couldn't believe how much better it was. Sorry to sound ignorant, but even though I loved the game I never really knew you could get them in different materials with different fills. As soon as I started using this bag my game improved 10 fold. This is an awesome bag that I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone considering to buy it!
    • great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Review by nomany on 6/5/10
      best hacki sack iv ever got
    • Tighttttt

      Review by Ethan on 6/3/10
      This bag is SICK!
      I'm a total newb, and the only sack i had before this one was some crappy crochet bag. I had practically given up footbagging until this baby came!
      I could stall every which way, including a clipper, which i had never done before, and it had great control.
      definitely recommend for beginners, or anyone for that matter.
    • Good, but breaks easily.

      Review by Tyler McMurtrie on 6/3/10
      I love the weight and size of this footbag, but after just a few days of play mine already has a hole, and I am going too be able to send it in hopefully.
    • Nice

      Review by Chris Shea on 6/1/10
      Great footbag. I give it inly 4 stars because mine broke after 3 days. However, dragonfly footbags' excellent service sent me a new one that is lasting longer. This foot bag is excellent for tricks and stalls. it improved my skills a lot.

      Review by Paul on 6/1/10
      This is a great footbag. Received mine today after about a week and it is just really good. I would DEFINITELY go for the 75g. Perfect amount of filling for stalls and group play. Keep up the great work Dragonfly!
    • great

      Review by t~money on 5/23/10
      i love this hack it is perfect i used 2 be horrible at hack but then after buying this i got better 10 fold BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!
    • best foot bag to date.

      Review by BagBoi on 5/21/10
      This bag rocks. great weight, and good for stalls. also, the pop is amazing sot this bag is GREAT for free style. it looks and feels amazing. my streak got better the FIRST time I used it. You have not experienced perfection until you have tried this foot bag.

      Review by tony on 5/20/10
      The best hackysack you can poissibly get. its amazing for stalling and has nice pop. the 75g is the way to go. AMAZING hackysack!!!! get 75g
    • fantastic

      Review by bryson on 5/5/10
      mine broke today, after about 4 months of using it everyday. i thought it would break in 1 month, but i washed it a lot. it was the 75g. amazing sack for stalls, keep ups group play and whip. im getting my mom to sew it back up, but some fill got out. maybe only 60g now :(
    • Overall good bag!

      Review by Nelson on 5/3/10
      SIZE: Really small but it's great that way, really helped me step up my game.
      STYLE: Of course, awesome for freestyle. The weight is perfect and I've landed things I thought I never would.
      COLOR: So awesome, just makes it difficult for group play. (only reason it's down one star)
      DURABILITY: Haven't had it long but it's holding up very well.

      OVERALL: I suggest it, it's really helped me become better and people love the thing!
    • Sacktacular

      Review by Remus_Cypher on 4/29/10
      Wow, I just got my 50g Midnight 32 and it rocks! It breaks in easily and has a great feel to it. Keep up the wicked work Dragonfly!
    • little problem

      Review by Robert on 4/23/10
      the only reason i gave this bag a 3 was because it ripped after about 2 weeks but when i had it it was great, i got the 75 and i liked the weight, (i weighed it and it was 75.1g which was more than close enough) it stalled pretty nicely and had quite a bit of pop for a heavier bag. i called dragonfly telling them about the rip and they are sending me a free replacement which i thought was great. if this bag had not ripped i would have given it a 5 easily.
    • Great So Far.

      Review by Chaz on 4/20/10
      I ordered the 50g variety and it feels awesome! it is so much better feeling than my previous and first 6$ duncan spider bag which weighed 46g and was sand. Metal is the way to go.

      The specs of my specific bag were as follows:
      Diameter= 1 and 7/8th inches

      It has an awesome balance of stability and pop to it and it is small but if feels right.
    • specs

      Review by Chester on 4/20/10
      This bag looks awesome and feels pretty good with a great mix of stability and pop. I chose the 50g var. i weighed and measured mine.
      1and 7/8th inches.

      Smaller than the others but it feels right.
      If you play with someone wearing a black shirt your going to lose site of the bag on them. Reflex fun!
    • Buy it ?YE$

      Review by Jesterboy on 4/17/10
      great !everyone at school wishes they had one!you wont be sad about buying it!

      A defenite buy!
    • awsome

      Review by Jesterboy on 4/16/10
      sweet but it does hurt sometimes.i guess thats what you get for buying metel filled footbags.it doesnt hurt as much as a chainmail though!!!
    • get one

      Review by shyloh on 4/14/10
      i just bought this bag 3 days ago and its already worn in and has great pop a stability
    • sick

      Review by shorty G on 4/11/10
      This bag is great it is a perfect size. It stalls amazing, and its really improving my skills. The only down side to this bag is that it is starting to rip on the seem.
      Thanks Dragon Fly.
    • Great Hack

      Review by DerekPhillips on 3/31/10
      We (my math class and I) used this hack daily for about two and a half months and had perfect play. So easy to stall, made me look like a true player. One drawback: it gets holes. This is a great investment if you are a frequent player who wants a quality investment.
    • Footbag holes

      Review by Sarah Webber (Dragonfly Footbags) on 3/23/10
      If your footbag starts leaking pellets within the first couple days of receiving it, make sure to contact Customer Service with the problem, and they will be happy to replace it for you!
    • Alright, rips quick

      Review by Mike on 3/14/10
      Its alright, I mean it lasted a couple months i'd say its worth the 14$ but now its ripping alot, The holes are too small to sew so i superglue them, it works but every time I glue one a new hole pops up.
    • Its good but it doesnt last

      Review by Davis on 3/7/10
      its a great hacky sack untill it rips. after only playing with it for two days the sack had a hole in the middle of a panel
    • One of a Kind

      Review by Curvedy on 3/4/10
      I am brand new to sackin' and I had no idea how these "professional" footbags would perform. I bought this sack, and let me tell you it performs! Within a few minutes i had streaks already going, and i can't wait to do tricks! The bags REALLY do matter, and this footbag is great!
    • fun

      Review by dakota on 2/15/10
      if u like to hurt people this is the sack for u....BUY NOW ..KICK A**
    • nice!

      Review by Lucas on 2/10/10
      Ater this footbag breaks in it is great. It's small but a great size anyway. Makes doing tricks easy. It stalls really nice but it also has a nice pop. I already learned how to do the outside stall with it. Th only downside is that it doesn't hover like a sand bag. But is has the perfect amount of filling in proportion to it's size. great!
    • wonderful

      Review by Anonymous on 2/6/10
      doen't get dirty, perfect pop and control. easy to stall. i have play with the 50 and 75. DEFINATELY go for the 75
    • awsome hacky sack

      Review by benji on 2/5/10
      this hacky sack is good for stalls an control i like it
    • Pure Death Metal!

      Review by BoneGrinder on 2/2/10
      This footbag is awesome! Couldn't be happier! Was a little surprised at the size but it's perfect! Excellent control, perfect weight for stalls, awesome pop, everything you could ask for in a footbag. Perfect for hacking to some sweet Death Metal tunes! Thanks Dragonfly Footbags, you have my business.
    • Awsome footbag

      Review by Tyler on 1/25/10
      Ok I just got this footbag today played for about a hour and it is amazing it Is the perfect size I ordered it last Tuesday and came today definately worth every penny .
    • Great bag

      Review by Corey-Jason on 1/8/10
      I just got mine today and spent a few hours with it, I'm very pleased with my purchase. I ordered a 75g weight. The actual mass of the bag is 74.795g, which is pretty accurate for a hand made bag. Stitching is very nice, good craftsmanship. I'm just starting in footbag, this was my first bag, and on day one I was able to stall and control it in consecutives. I would recommend to ball to anyone looking for a good all around freestyle bag. I just wish the dragonfly logo was larger on the bag I love the symbol : )
    • good bag

      Review by Aaron on 1/5/10
      first footbag and i love it.But my friends said i should get more bags so i also ordered the atom 92, and Mr. sand hope there as good as this one!
    • great for kids that take care of there stuff BUT GREAT

      Review by Roberge on 1/3/10
      i just got this hack today and its kinda small but great it has good pop and good to control i got 75 grams and its perfectly filled good enough i had no holes so far and im hoping i never will
    • 110% Happy with this bag

      Review by Nick on 12/28/09
      This bag is GREAT! It's great for both stalling and pop's... 100% Happy with it. I recommend it!
    • TEN OUT OF 10

      Review by ANDRE on 12/26/09
      best hack I've played in a long time I've always played with the Seipa. Seipa sacks which sucked but now I'm pulling off way better solo tricks then i ever did.
    • awesome footbag

      Review by Jaredm on 12/18/09
      got this footbag today, choose 50 gram, it has awesome pop and good stalls

      Review by Footbag Society on 12/14/09
      This is by far the best footbag out there. It is innexpensive, and the perfect mass of 75grams. it breaks in after just few hours of play and i know that anyone that purchases this will be 100% satisfied. Dont even think twice about this. Just buy it!
    • One of the best

      Review by Steez on 12/6/09
      this is the nicest footbag i recommend it
    • Good purchase

      Review by Richard on 11/21/09
      Bag arrived 4 days after buying!!! Soft fabric... I order the 75gram bag, and it stalls like a dream, easy to kick! Deffinately not a bag to take to a circle in public! But good for 2-3 people kicking around as long as you let them know not to toe flick, tell them to stop being lazy and pick it up! for 15 dollars its a good buy, but you wouldnt want to bust it open cause someone flicked it up with their feet!!!

      I'll deffinately buy another bag from here!
    • good bag

      Review by cole on 11/16/09
      this hack lasted me a long time it is realy good for pritty mmuch anything but try not to pring pro hacks to school becuse kids spark or toe pick it up so it got ripped was great while it lasted deffently worth it
    • Perfect.

      Review by swizze - Modified player on 11/13/09
      Review 3 of 4 on metal bags i just received: (pogo, midnight, snowball, jack32)
      Fill level: 45%
      Weight: 73 Grams -- I chose the 75 gram one.

      Absolutely wonderful.. It feels as if its broken in quite a lot already too. Stitching is better than the snowball and Jack as well. Obviously my favorite bag of them all and a good freestyle bag i must add.. i wouldn't kick this much and would treat it better than most.. (delay/stall) Maybe the lighter weight one would be better for kicking

      I doubt i can stress enough.. The weight and fill level are AMAZING.. for freestyle

      in a month or less this is gonna be a beauty.. enough said.
    • greatness

      Review by matt on 11/11/09
      by far the best hack you will ever experience i love it its so great the only bad thing is the color
    • Absolutely amazing

      Review by Steve on 11/11/09

      so my midnight 32 metal ( 75 gram) footbag arrived today and I was really excited, but it only got better. This is my first footbag ever cause I really wanted to get into it and in 10 minutes I could stall so well and I did an around the world! I highly recomend this bag for pretty much everyone! All levels are completely accepted by this 32 panel genious filled contraption =)
    • Great!

      Review by Isaac on 11/10/09
      Pros: I really enjoy pulling out my metal hacky-sac when I'm in a big group of people. I find that most people I knw like the sand footbags because the give better stalling, but I prefer the metal for the pop. Because of the weight, it still stalls nicely and let's you play around with it.

      Cons: The only problem I had with it was the color scheme. The black made it hard to play at night and in low lighting. I used a silver sharpie to lighten it up a little but the ink keeps coming out.

      Overall: It takes a little to get used to the metal, but going from a plastic bead footbag to a metal was the best thing I have done for this kinda play. I highly recomend this bag, and 100% recomend it if you can get it in a lighter color scheme!
    • awesome but leaking

      Review by skuba on 11/7/09
      Its a great hack best thing ive ever played with, but for some reason mine is leaking, it broke my heart. because its such a great hack. maby just a fauly hack idk,
    • Excellent

      Review by iamthey on 11/6/09
      Really just an all around great bag. I got mine about a month or so ago, on the first try I stalled without any difficulty. Great controllability, and it has a really great bounce as well so it is good for both kicking and stalling. Despite a few reports here; mine has held together very well (and I heavily use mine (several hours of continuous use a day)) no leaks, no damage pretty much as good as the day I got it. When it does eventually wear out I'll definitely come back to this site for another one.

      Also if you are trying to decide between 50/75 gram; I got the 75 gram, and I find the extra weight helps a lot (with both stalls and hits).
    • @burch

      Review by John Webber (Dragonfly) on 10/30/09
      This footbag (Midnight 32 Metal) is an excellent all-around metal filled footbag. The Clipper 24 Metal is a very durable metal filled footbag.
    • Question

      Review by burch on 10/30/09
      John could you recommend a few metal footbags that are good for stalling and durable???
    • great foot bag!

      Review by lars on 10/14/09
      so my friend got the midnigt an we were playing with it.
      it stalls great i would suggest it to any one wo plays and hasnt got one of them yet but get the 75g. so i'm ordering the assassin it's gona be f**kn awesome!!!
    • It just arrived!

      Review by Mark on 10/13/09
      So my midnight just got here today. It is amazing. I ordered and realised how iregular they are though. Since they are hand stiched they can come in many different sezes but weight will not be affected. If your looking for the top of the line footbag at a great price this is the one for you. It stalls great and has a lot of control in the air. Much better than any old sand master I used to use.
    • AMAZING!!!

      Review by NInja on 10/13/09
      i got this footbag in around 3 days ago and its amazing!! this is my first goot footbag my other onez were from skate shops and i made one myself
      but they dont even compare to these on this website
      so if you really like the sport i suggest buying one =) oh and get the 75g =p
    • great bag

      Review by hackking on 10/10/09
      i bought this bag as a beginner and i love it so much there was a little problem with the filling leaking but i stiched it all over and put some plactic beads in their and now ive got the perfect sack cant wait to try it out at school!!!!
    • Dig it

      Review by Clay on 10/7/09
      First off i would like to say, that i got the 75 gram.

      I like this footbag quite a bit - It is easy to stall, very controllable, and fun to use

      The only downside is your envieroment, dark room - no go, night time - no go.

      Regardless, its an amazing hack, and i suggest it to anyone freestyler out there.
    • Great beginner Footbag

      Review by Footbag Atlanta90 on 10/6/09
      This is a great footbag for just starting out Ive been playing for a pretty long time and have gone through many footbags. This one plays well and has lasted a long time, the only down side is that when it starts getting dark just give up because you wont be able to see it....I have the 50 and 75 gram and to answer your question ( Mathew) I would say that the 50 gram would be the way to go, the 75 is great and all, but if you've ever been to and any Footbag events your not going to see any 75 gram bags come into play. And honestly besides the one that I have I dont know anyone else that plays a footbag that heavy so....there you go but ultimately its your decision and personal preference.
    • Need some hints

      Review by Matthew on 9/23/09
      I've read most of these comments and everyone is saying go for the 75 gram.. why?
    • awesome footbag

      Review by bones on 9/23/09
      i absolutly love this hack its great for controll and tricks it even makes the guys i play with at work look good and thats saying alot lol
    • Great Bag

      Review by Jonathan on 9/23/09
      This is a great foot bag I must say, I just got mine today. I tend to freestyle and mix it up with stalls and what not. Now lately Ive been going through a hack binge where I have been playing many hours a day, usually outside. The only problem I have with this foot bag is that I got it today and it ripped today. Which I am not particularly upset about because I know that I tend to play rough. Mended it up though unfortunetely some of the fill was lost. Great foot bag, take care of it!
    • Outstanding bag!

      Review by Elvin on 9/16/09
      Today i just received my midnight metal and came amazingly quick!!! I will definately order from here again! i opened up they bag and loved the color and how round it is in the air. It stalls perfectly even with my everyday shoe that hardly has a flat toe! my only concern is with the filling weight. it felt a little light for a 75gram. i picked it up and it was about 50% full. Is this how it is supposed to be? or do u suppose i got the 50 gram by accident that i didnt order?
      * i would love if someone from dragonfly footbags could help me out or anybody else would be great too! thanks in advance!!*
    • Midnight's legit

      Review by Cameron on 9/11/09
      This thing is great! I've had it for close to a month now and it's in perfect shape still. Definitely go with the 75g option, it's a great weight. After a month it's still a perfect 75, so much better than sand. Get this!
    • read comment befor this one

      Review by cole on 8/6/09
      iv had this footbag for a good 5 or more months and still no holes there is a little bit of a sign of maby rippin but still if your gona buy one of theas bags take care of them its not the bag its you.
    • Amazing...ly disappointing

      Review by Ash on 7/21/09
      So this is the first bag I've ever purchased.
      It has amazing control and great pop and is overall a good bag.

      My complaint is that I've had this bag for 2 WEEKS and now there are multiple holes including: a big one in the middle of a panel that vomits metal beads every time it's kicked and the stitching is weak sauce and is letting beads escape from almost every seam.


      Use a different fabric and perhaps thread instead of nylon shoe laces.

      Other then those two complaints, it really was awesome. I just think it should have lasted longer than 2 weeks for a little bag that costs a 1/4 of a tank of gas.

      Review by Jeremy on 7/18/09
      I've had this footbag for a while and it's just so amazing. I'd recommend this to anybody that would like to try. It's great for popping, stalling, and everything. It's just such an amazing footbag. Seriously, get this right now. You won't regret it at all.
    • More like a pimp sack.

      Review by Ben on 7/8/09
      First off you all need to know how awesome this company is. The first bag I ever bought from these guys I didnt like just because it wasnt my style. There was nothing wrong with it what-so-ever, it just wasnt my style. I sent an email to sarah and she said no problem. I sent the bag back and got myself a new one, which was the Midnight 32 Metal. This is no doubt, my favorite footbag ive ever kicked. Stalling it can be done by anyone and the control is amazing. Not to mention the great quality dragonfly puts into all of their products. If you want more kicks and great tricks, buy this footbag. I have used sand for my whole life playing footbag, this being my first metal. I will never go back to sand and my friends feel the same way. Awesome product, and dragon fly takes care of their customers, I am one for life.
    • First Impression...

      Review by Victoria on 7/3/09
      In the wee am hours of June 30, after much deliberation, I ordered my Midnight. I've been waiting excitedly and discovered it in my mailbox today (7/3). Probably would have gotten to me sooner if I hadn't gone through Google shopping?
      I'm 40 years old, been playing (on my own primarily) since I was about 16. I don't do tricks, have always gone for "how long I can keep it going". Many years later I haven't gotten any better than say 18 kicks. I've never stalled...until today :)). My purpose for buying was to give myself something fun to work my legs with. How boring is plain working out? I'm not that old that I can't start working on simple tricks though is how I'm feeling now and I'm excited beyond words. My Midnight is smaller than what I'm use to, but seems to be better quality that my old footbag, which is 9 years old and ready for retirement. No holes or anything, but fabric is worn smooth and it doesn't have the same bounce it once did. It never was good for stalling, would bounce right off, so I can't say how good my Midnight is in comparison to others, but the fact that a person like me can stall it within 5 minutes of trying, I say it's a winner. It bounces just as well if not better than my old love, but will stall as well. How can anyone ask for more? When trying it out in the kitchen though, I lost it and it went slamming into the cupboard. The sound alone said don't use your head.
      I want to see a variety of colors from this beauty. Blue/black, 2-tone blues...yeah I like blue. Blue please? LOL
    • Amazing bag! Amazing Service!

      Review by Marc on 7/1/09
      Im quite impressed with the quality of this footbag. After hundreds of dollars invested in many other styles and companies I found the Midnight Metal. If you are looking for a great kickbag, this one is for you. If your looking for something more stable for stalls, this one is also for you! Amazing consistency for kicking or stalling. I definitely prefer the metal fill over sand or bean as the added weight makes for easy stalling. I went with the 75g figuring i could take out some fill if i didn't like the weight, but it works fantastic. On a side note, I mistakenly put the wrong shipping address on my order, sent in an email, they responded back almost instantly with the fix and I got my bag 2 days later. Great customer service! My new favorite shop.

    • great

      Review by cole on 6/28/09
      this footbag is amazing iv had it for about 3 weeks or so and it is way way better than any croshayed or what ever doller store crap it is still in great condishion i can see the stiching and stuff tho so i dont know how much time it realy has left but im deffently getting a nother if your looking for a great footbag thats easysto stall and keep up the midnight metal is the forsure
    • great footbag

      Review by shawny on 6/26/09
      This footbag breaks the barrier between mind and matter while play with this sack. it defines the perfect balance between stalling and just keeping it up in the circle. highly recommended by me. i have learned tricks quickly and easly. while breaking my old recod first time i touch this footbag by 443 sacks, making my new record 624. So if you are looking to perfect you footbag skills i would higly recommend this footbag. This could be the best and most highly rated footbag on the market for a great price.
    • best footbag I've yet used

      Review by C Byrd on 6/19/09
      Man. It's hard to put into words how great this 75 gram bag is. It's got better stall control than sand, and doesn't lose its filling like sand bags can. Obviously, it blows away plastic filling. Love the black color. Doesn't show dirt much. Mine might wear out a bit, as we kick on concrete and that tends to scuff a bit, but I don't care. I'll gladly order more (in quantity). Once you get the feel for the extra weight (which exercises your legs more anyways), it's so easy to get consistent with tricks. It keeps its shape well in flight. You must purchase this, but leave a few for me!!
    • showing my appreciation

      Review by Watery Anvil on 6/16/09
      it took 8 days for me to recieve my hacky sack which is quite good seeing as i live in new zealand. i havent had the chance to test it out yet but i can tell itll be a great little footbag to use. i got the 50 gram bag and it feels about right in size. id advise the 50
    • nice!

      Review by cole on 6/13/09
      i love this footbag it is so sick love the size and wait perfict for stallin 2 it felt like it was worked in the first 2 days great thing is i hope it lasts great footbag
    • good but

      Review by hacky on 6/5/09
      awsome except the hacky sack could be a bit larger
    • tight eh

      Review by canadian on 6/5/09
      this footbag is great
      it is my first "real" footbag
      i have just used cheap ones
      i would get it right now
      i got the 50
      i think it is perfect but most ppl would want 75
      i just like it really loose
      it is small and heavy
      PERFECT footbag

    • Back in stock!

      Review by John Webber (Dragonfly) on 5/28/09
      Sorry for the delay getting this bag back in stock. Due to huge demand it has been very difficult for us to keep inventory of the Midnight. We now have a massive amount of both the 50gram and 75 gram models.

      We have also used a slightly tougher fabric and thread because of some complaints we received about the bag tearing. Please send us your feedback on this footbag, we take your comments and try to make our footbags even better!

      Please keep in mind that this a metal filled footbag and needs to be taken care of! The better you treat this footbag, the longer it will last. Keep it clean, don't do toe pickups, etc...

      Any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!

      thanks and shred on.

      -John, Dragonfly Founder

    • when is it back in stock

      Review by disgruntled would be customer.... on 5/24/09
      okay this is kind of making me angry i don't know where else to ask this. I need one soon! if its not going to be back in stock take it down. just answer my question someone. disgruntalled
    • BEST HACKY EVER!!!!!!!!!

      Review by hell yeah!!!! on 5/23/09
      im a noob but this sack is awsome and its sweet for beginners..i gues thats why it hasent ripped yet but overall one of the best i definatly reccomend it
    • i almost forgot!!!!

      Review by hacky master on 5/17/09
      ii ordered this last week and got it in 3 days!!! best footbag i have ever owned and always will bee! i went with 75g because, they dont sell 50g anymore cause of leakedge. this thing stalls amazing i cant even tell because its that good. i have beaten my record its, 144 kicking it 2 each foot every time!

      THANKYOU DRAGON FLY!!!!!!!!!


      Review by COMCAM BAO on 5/12/09
      I ordered this footbag on Friday and got it Monday morning! amazing fast delivery! good job Dragonfly!

      I'm a beginner and I can stall this Footbag pretty well. I play with my co-workers during our several breaks and they like it too.

      I got the 75 gr. it feels great and much easier to control compared to my sand footbag.

      The Midnight 32 Metal ROCKS! BUY IT!
    • best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Review by hacky master on 5/11/09
      this is the bomb. little bit smaller then i accpected but, overall best footbag ever.
    • greatest bag ever!!!

      Review by 2657 on 5/8/09
      This is so Great! I got it within 4 days of ordering, and went with the 75 gram bag (Already had lost/ripped my 50 gram) and i have perfected some new tricks, though i am not much of a freestyler. I am alot better at consistent hacking and passing. I already have gotten 2657 hacks with the bag, switching feet each time. This thing stalls like a sand bag, controls like a metal, pops like a plastic and is just all around great. perfect for beginner/intermediate.
    • good

      Review by Aryk on 5/8/09
      I love this footbag!!!

      Review by This Hacky FTW!!!!!! on 5/5/09
      OMG i love this hacky beat my personal best my new record is 326 kicks!!!!!! omg i cant wait i know soon i will be able to beat it again with this sweet motha f***ing Sack!!!!!
    • Amazing hacky

      Review by Jet on 5/4/09
      I just got this today(monday) and it was shipped out last thrusday, great delivery time for flat rate and i must say the hacky sack is amazing

      its a little heavier and just different from any sand hacky sack i have ever played with, i got it and i thought the thing would be packed but its already broken in and its got a nice feel almost feels like it has lost some like sand footbags do after a couple of months of playing but the metal makes it feel like its full.

      The hacky sack has somuch control and stalled it first try right out of the package. My group i played with was able to do some amazing tricks with the stability of this hacky sack, it is truly amazing.

      i went with the 75g cause 50g was out but im glad i did, also the material seems very strong and if i can keep people from chicken stratching im sure this footbag will last a very long time.
    • stallin all night long

      Review by fat kid on 4/30/09
      this is the best hacky sack i have seen and i play a lot so buy this hacky sack it is worth the money trust me!!!!!!
    • Good footbag, but does not last

      Review by Gabe Link on 4/29/09
      Great footbag good feel, but within the first day i got holes in it, so now it leaks.
    • Better than I thought...

      Review by Tawd Baytee on 4/25/09
      I got my order today; really fast shipping...I ordered the 75g, and I could not be more happy with it... Slightly heavier than I thought, but it was a nice change... More control...I gave it the name "Heavy Metal." Good job...
    • Delicate

      Review by Paul on 4/11/09
      This hack was barely used and lasted 3 days. It got holes and beads flew out with every kick.
    • Bad A$$ Bag!

      Review by SSgt. Wheeler on 3/26/09
      This foot bag was amazing! only drawback was the fabric strength. Playing in Iraq with steel toed boots is not the favorable conditions, but this hack took the beating for a while. It eventually got holes, but it was amazing while it lasted. I'm definately ordering another one!
    • go50not75

      Review by chad on 3/23/09
      50 grams is just right , 75 too full and not easy to stall, go with 50 g weight instead, dont buy 75 gram bag.
    • great bag

      Review by richard on 2/22/09
      just got my bag yesterday, went with the 75gm. this bag is great for stalling, i love it
    • Well

      Review by matt on 2/22/09
      I've just ordered this hacky because It sounds like the kind of hacky for my play style, ive been using a crocheted hacky i got from a skate shop, and it sucked lol i cant wait to get this thing and start shreddin'
    • SOILD

      Review by 360messiah on 2/19/09
      This bag is pretty sick, but its black and that makes hard to see. Its hard to play on the street, should have made it red or green! But GREAT HACK!
    • Quick Shipping!

      Review by Joshua on 2/11/09
      Got the bag in two days via Priority. Worth additional 3 bucks.
    • amazing

      Review by Mike on 1/30/09
      this sack is so good I play during school and it is perfect size to carry around just be careful with it you might get holes
    • shipping issues

      Review by Raven on 1/17/09
      Its a great bag however i ordered two and was very dissapointed to only recieve one although i was charged for both. i would appreciate contact from Mr. Webber or a dragonfly associate.

      ***Note from Dragonfly Footbags: When we read this review we immediately contacted this customer to resolve the issue. The error was ours and we sent out the additional Midnight 32 Metal via upgraded shipping the next day. If you have trouble with your order or do not receive the correct footbag, please contact us ASAP and we will resolve the issue. -John Webber
    • The BAG

      Review by alex on 1/14/09
      Well i got it and was very impressed by the weight and the ability to control it. It makes me feel like a ganster.... Sadly tho it gained holes and is less then 1/4 gone now:( deffenently gonna get another one tho! Deffenatly worthi it just be carfull....
    • Nice bag

      Review by Trevor on 1/13/09
      Nice bag, got the 50g, perfect fill level, smaller then most bags.

      Easily worth $15
    • Good footbag

      Review by Dino on 1/5/09
      Awesome bag, smaller then most bags, but stalls like a god.

      Best 15$ I spent, very fragile fabric.
    • Its the Shiz

      Review by Krash on 12/23/08
      This is a great footbag! Me and my friends hacked all night and got so much better with this little baby. It doesn't show dirt, which is great. Its a little heavier, which makes it easier to control and stall, even though it hurts when you play three hit kill...I think we bruised my friend's head.
    • Bag Love

      Review by Devan on 12/8/08
      i love this sack my freind bought one it was great for circel kicking kinda hurts when playing 3 hit kill its a good sack the fabric is a little week but i love it well worth the $$ i say im thinking about buying one for my self
    • i have found love

      Review by DieFaulheit on 12/4/08
      I absolutely LOVE this footbag. it is perfect for stalling, like the description says. I haven't been able to pull off decent stalls for quite a while until I upgraded to this footbag. You feel hopeless playing with a $2 footbag from a gas station, but you'll feel like a pro using this model.
    • be mindful

      Review by cal on 11/19/08
      well I ordered it saturday got it next saturday - It was cool at first you know.. then I made the mistake by taking it to school and making a circle hack and letting others use it.. the students would step on to pick it up and kick at the ceiling very hard.. which wore out the fabric so it's full of holes.. that I have to sew up atleast once everyday. It's my own fault, decent bag very fragile fabric.
    • Great Bag!

      Review by Kyle on 11/3/08
      I just got my bag (after 9 days) kind of a long wait, but it was totally worth it!
    • Good footbag.....

      Review by michael on 10/27/08
      Im very happy with the midnight 32 panel metal footbag! I received it within 5 days of the placed order, I have had it for a couple of days now. Its been playing great, Its a great footbag for the low price of $15.00 dollars! And for those that dont know, thats a great deal for a decent footbag! So I am overall happy with my purchase! Plus this thing stalls really well and stays nice and round while in the air! Ive been playing for about 2 years and have gone through several bags. I am really enjoying my first dragonfly footbag! I hope that everyone else will enjoy it as well!
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