Hand-Made Footbags (Hacky Sacks)

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New Metal Filling!

We have developed a brand new filler that is a combination of metal pellets. This filling increases the footbag's weight from 32-35 grams up to 60-70 grams. This increase in weight helps improve control and stallability of the footbag. It also helps extend the life of the footbag because the larger filling is not as prone to leakage as sand filling.

Advantages Of Our New Filling:

  • Increased weight: 60-70 grams
  • More weight means more control, just read the forums (www.modified.in and www.footbag.org)
  • More weight means more stallability, the footbag doesn't have as much pop so it is considerably easier to stall
  • Less leakage than sand

These footbags are available in our Metal Footbags section.