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Chainmail Footbag


Diameter (Inches) 1.25
Brand Dragonfly Footbags

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Chainmail Footbag
Chainmail Footbag

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In 2011, we introduced this unique Dragonfly Chainmail Footbag, made in the USA from a sweet combination of chainmail rings and flexible bands. The chainmail rings give this footbag weight and strength. The flexible bands give it pop and flexibility. It kicks straight and true every time and has amazing pop.

After introducing a larger version of this footbag and later, the AfterGlo Chainmail Footbag, we’ve come back full circle to the original design and made it even better! You now have the choice of the original 22 gram version or two new heavier versions (40 gram and 50 gram) for each color combination!

  • Smaller than a standard footbag
  • No sand that can leak!
  • No thread to rip!
  • No panels to tear!
  • Virtually indestructible! (but if you somehow manage to break it, it's easy to fix!)
  • Cleaning? Easy: Wash it with soap and water.
  • Unique, Dragonfly exclusive! You will not find this anywhere else in the world.

We always have limited quantities of these available and will be making them as fast as we can!


Diameter (Inches) 1.25
Brand Dragonfly Footbags



    • Great after a modification!

      Review by Bomberangz on 3/17/14
      When I received this footbag, it had very nice pop, but it was hard to stall. I noticed there was a large metal ball in the middle. I was actually able to squeeze the metal ball out, and now it is much much much easier to stall with. Immediately I was able to play with it nearly as well as my other footbags. My suggestion is to leave in the ball if you want a footbag with some good pop, but take it out if you want to do stalling tricks. It took a lot of the weight out which was slightly disappointing, but I love playing with this chainmail footbag!
    • Awesome!

      Review by Rocky nitro on 12/27/13
      Looks awesome while taking flight! has a good feel and takes some skill to kick it around!
    • Read the description.

      Review by Chase on 12/10/13
      Although I have not personally ordered this yet I have seen some complaints that have caught my eye. First of all: It is not all chain mail, you can see this in the description, so don't be all fussy about it. Second: It said that it is in fact a smaller foot bag, fork out the extra dollars to get a bigger one and leave it alone. Simple problems have simple answers.
    • Its alright

      Review by KMan on 10/13/13
      I like the look of it, but it was smaller than I expected, I should have got the biggest one. I found it hard to maintain control its not one to stall. I haven't tried it with my friends yet so i'm unsure how well it works for group kickin but it seems like it will be alot of fun.
    • Epic

      Review by Chaos on 9/18/13
      I got the 50 gram one...Very pleased with the performance although I wouldn't recommend this for a beginner
    • Cool bag

      Review by [email protected]@22 on 8/4/13
      Not for beginners, but overall it looks awesome and is still very fun, do get the heavy size
    • Amazing.

      Review by Shua on 4/17/13
      Friend of mine has one of these, We have been playing for a day or two with it and what a gem! can't wait until mine turns up!
    • complete turd

      Review by steven koehn on 4/17/13
      Terrible i hackeyed it once and it broke
    • Unique

      Review by Nick on 1/16/13
      This is the coolest footbag I've seen. It's fun to play with too. There's not a lot to say. Buy it
    • Great bag, Durable, great pop, awesome for Circles and Solo

      Review by nonpractical on 10/11/12
      I fell in love with this bag the very first time I kicked it. Easy to get used to, has pretty good pop, and it is great for circles and solo play alike. I recommended this bag to everyone, pro to amateur.
    • not as good as it looks

      Review by brendo on 10/8/12
      Don't get me wrong, this is arguably the coolest looking and most interesting hack you can get, but if you are looking for a good hack for kicking and stalling, this may not be the one for you. It gets the job done, but it is not ideal for using in my opinion. Having said that, it is a cool hack to have just to show off to friends and whatnot.
    • the best

      Review by hello on 7/7/12
      this bag is my favorite bag. it kicks/sets true and consistent, it stalls at the drop of a dime, and the rubber makes it for easy kicking
    • good foot bag, looking forward to the next gen

      Review by ultimate wheel on 6/27/12
      this foot bag has very nice controll, and because it has panels in can be stalled well. as said in previous reviews it is a bit small, but it makes for a nice bag just to carry around. all in all its a very nice foot bag.
    • Pretty Good!!

      Review by Hacker Pro on 5/28/12
      I think that this is actually a really good bag, but it is a little to small. It has good control, pop, and stall but is easy to lose if it's even a little dark. I recommend Chainmail Footbags but get the bigger one.
    • Sick sack, LOVE it

      Review by MrEmerican on 5/16/12
      This is actually my preferred sack for anything I do. Super easy to stall, like the way it pops off, looks sick.
    • Yeah...it´s good

      Review by mates2012 on 5/14/12
      It´s very good hacky sack, but i think, that this main combination of colours (dark green, green, brass), is more better than this other
    • Good

      Review by Tristin on 5/1/12
      This hacky sack is awesome. I love it. I dont know what there talking about. Its a great hacky sack.
    • Not what i expected

      Review by Sacker90 on 4/5/12
      Its plasticky, not metaly. I wish it was heavier. It would have been better if it had some weight to it. Or was real metal..
    • Good hack

      Review by henry on 3/10/12
      Just got it today, its small and not the best for stalling, but I like the way it pops and the color is nice. A bit pricey for how big it is, but still an all around great hack.
    • Its an idea hack

      Review by Aaron on 3/1/12
      in my eyes i see a hack that is new odd and good for practice. not that big but good for single. dont use for a group and not good for stalls
    • kool

      Review by broseph on 1/1/12
      its kool
    • Great but small

      Review by turtle fat kid on 12/31/11
      i got mine for christmas i have to say it is the coolest hackey sack/Footbag i have ever had. its smaller then i assumed and it pops so much it is super light but really durable. my only problem is it is super difficult to stall but i guess it helps with training yourself to be better
    • Awesome

      Review by Fenbag on 12/31/11
      Just got it today and only got a few good kicks in, First thing is it has a huge amount of pop and is really light, however its still extremely good and cant really break (hopefully). Also within the first 15 minutes the little dragonfly metal thing came off and I lost it. Too bad but its whatever still great sack.
    • Amazing

      Review by jared on 12/31/11
      Harder to master but its way better, great pop, looks amazing, put together well, cant find anything wrong with it, i recommend that you buy it, its worth the money
    • AMAZING!!!!!!

      Review by Josh on 12/24/11
      Insane!!!!! So much more pop than I thought it would have but the middle rings are some type of rubber. GREAT!!!!!
    • Pretty Nice

      Review by Thomas on 12/5/11
      I got this sack a few days ago, first out of the box, it was VERY small, I was taken by surprise. However, it is a great sack for circle play. Its practically indestructible (knock on wood) and has very nice pop. Its not good for stalling and tricks though, so that is a letdown. All in all, great sack.
    • Very Well Done

      Review by Nick on 12/4/11
      I was very pleased with the performance of this footbag. At first, I was a bit skeptical of the reviews, but from the very first kick, I have been satisfied. The control is really impressive, and the pop is perfect for circles and solo. Only problem is that the stalls are a bit more challenging, but what it lacks in stallability it makes up for in every other category. I have dropped it in puddles, pools and even a glass of soda, and all you need to do is rinse it with some water and start kicking again! A little bit pricey, but worth every Penny. I would recommend this to anyone that asked me.
    • Awesome

      Review by Finn Dukart on 11/27/11
      I got this sack two days ago. it took a little getting used two but it is sweet. You should get one.
    • good

      Review by sacman23 on 11/26/11
      i was a little unsure how this was going to be but i just went for it... very small, very light and awesome pop.
    • Pretty Awesome Bag

      Review by MightyJoeJohn on 10/26/11
      Just got this sack a couple days ago and me and friends LOVE it! Has more pop than you would imagine, but not too much. Awesome for circle-kicking. Great control! Also REALLY lightweight! If you're worried about the look of it after awhile, yes, the metal coloring will scratch and fade. Other than minor things like that, you should definitely pick one of these up! You won't be disappointed especially once you get used to he size. I love mine, thanks Dragonfly(: P.S. - Awesome for beginners!
    • SICK SACK GET IT!!!!!!!!!

      Review by Dannylands on 10/26/11
      I just got this sack today, and at first i felt it may be too small but after trying it i found it was amazing. It has unbelievable pop to it, and it stalls just about as well as a sandbag does. The only 2 complaints i have is 1 the color combo because after i purchased it in blue the next day they came out with it in my favorite color green, which is a bummer but wuteves. 2 it is a little bit too light i thought that it being metal would make it heavier but other then that , A JOB WELL DONE !!! in the design
    • WICKED

      Review by Jack on 10/23/11
      I got this little sack today and, to be honest, wasnt exactly sure how it was gonna work., first time i tested it out, it was amazing. has great pop, and easy to stall. DEFINITELY get this sack
    • Great, Very durable, Too light

      Review by Adrian on 10/21/11
      The only thing I don't like about the hack is that it's too light. It's still a nice hack and kicks well. Looks really cool, and stalls ok. Comparing it to the dragon droppings version it is cleaner (doesn't leave your hands all black) more durable ( no rings falling off all the time) and better. I'm glad dragonfly footbags came up with this design and i prefer this one over dragon droppings. If you want a cool hacky sack to show off this would be it. And btw, i saw no submit button when using firefox when writing this review. Maybe it's just me. w/e
    • Nice

      Review by .. on 10/18/11
      These things are a little smaller than i thought but still really nice. Unbelievable pop with this footbag and pretty nice stalling.
    • Super Sick

      Review by Bear on 10/10/11
      Just got the email, got it shipped as soon as i could, unwrapped and hacked. Thought it was a bit small. but it has great control and really easy to stall! LOVE IT!
    • Meh

      Review by jmiley on 10/8/11
      I have 2 metal bags from dragonfly and i enjoy stalling greatly, this chain mail just has to much pop and not enough weight for me. I'll carry it around as an indestructible circle sac but other than that it won't get much use.
    • Awww yeaaaa

      Review by The Dude on 9/6/11
      I haven't purchased one of these bad boys yet, my father owns one and I have played around with it. I plan on buying them in bulk as soon as they get back in stock! They are the future of footbag!
    • LOVE it :D

      Review by Sean on 6/18/11
      Just got mine this morning, messed around with it for a couple hours, and I'm ready to give the other 2 bags I bought from here away to friends (although they're also very nice). It's just the right weight and size for me, nothing inside to fall out, the rubber rings give it a nice bounce, and I can hook it on my keychain :D Assuming the rubber rings don't get brittle over time, it should last forever. And like the dude up there said, it's got a "panely" thing to it, like a flappy rubik's cube. Awesome action. When they come back in stock I'm buying a few as Christmas gifts assuming I'm not broke.
    • @ Dylan Burns

      Review by whiteside :p on 12/28/10
      @ Dylan Burns:
      These are the first "paneled" and no-fill chainmail footbags. Of course there are dragon dropping bags, but those are basically metal crochette bags which really..well..suck.. a high quality footbag needs to have panels, not completely round.
    • Got this one yesterday! SWEET!!!

      Review by Gavin on 12/17/10
      This hack is AMAZING! Not only does it have incredible pop, it is extremely durable. In addition to that... it can also stall pretty well (maybe not as good as metal hacks but still does) I was a little surprised how small it was.. but i think that makes it even better!
      You need to buy this footbag, it is Beast!!!
    • great and durable

      Review by andersoncouncil on 12/15/10
      this sack is great and durable and looks like it will never break. i love it and works great. definitely worth the cost.
    • ... finally

      Review by Dylan Burns on 12/13/10
      ok finally dragonfly came ut with these. only prob is, they are not the only ones in the world. there is a website called dragon droppings and theyve been out for atleast ayear, plus u can customize ur own colors and have the option of some color links being rubber or not. but there like up tp 120$ however they do seemm a bit nicer.
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