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Atom 92


Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Full
Panels 92

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Atom 92
Atom 92

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  • --Size Comparison--
    --Size Comparison--


The new Atom 92 explodes with a sleek new color combo and some seriously meticulous stitching. Atom 92 hacky sack is so easy to break in that it has quickly become a favorite for beginners and advanced kickers alike. Ridiculously round, perfectly precise, and incredibly true, this footbag is easily one of the best out there.


Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Plastic
Fill Level Full
Panels 92



    • Pop city

      Review by Charlie Brown on 1/1/15
      This bag is pretty sweet! Very unique design and for hand made its a fair price. All I can say is that it is extremely consistent and has great pop. I can stall is sometimes because of its fill bit barely! If your a beginner don't get this, but if your looking for a consistent bag I would get it

      Review by SENSISACK on 4/24/14
      My whole life I have been searching for the perfect sack..THIS IS IT!!! Never in my life have I experienced another sack so full and sleek..I LOVE IT SO MUCH AHHHH
    • Full and True

      Review by Ben on 4/25/13
      I got this sack and was very surprised at how full it was; very stuffed. The Atom does what it claims; it pops great, and the control is pretty good.

      The Atom takes no time at all to break in, and you can start jamming in maybe as little as ten minutes.

      The sack pops well and true every time, however with the full filling it is nearly impossible to stall, but hey, that's not what it's made for.

      Overall, the Atom is a great, durable sack for beginners and circle sackers looking for an easy to control, forgiving footbag.

      Control: 7/10
      Pop: 8/10
      Stallibility: 1/10
      Durability: 7/10

    • to stiff!!!!

      Review by nicetoknowyou on 4/28/12
      when I got mine I tried it out and it was like the worse ever. i bought the swirl 6 metal and that was not a disappointment. but it is way to stiff. completely uncontrollable bounces every witch way and definitely not worth 17$. the swirl 6 is only 10$ way better than the atom 92 plastic. it is swell way to small and the worst ever for stalling. big disappointment.
    • Awesome

      Review by Bruindude19 on 3/30/12
      not the best for stalling, but all-in-all a great sack. Gets dirty quite quick. I got 316 sacks wit it. I highly recommended it!
    • Awesome for beginners

      Review by Avery on 2/24/12
      This foot bag is great for beginners that just want to play with their friends in a circle. It is an ok bag for stalling but would not recommend it for that purpose. Overall a great bag.
    • GREAT Control

      Review by MightyJoeJohn on 1/21/12
      After days of intense anticipation, I poked around in the mailbox and found this little guy. My thoughts, AWESOME. BUT this isn't a stalling sack, if that's what you're looking for. On the other hand, if you're like me and you wanna bust it out with a few friends or even just out of boredom to freestyle awhile, this is what you wanna go with. It's lightweight and LOOKS pretty durable (don't wanna make any false claims considering I just got it) so it should last a while, and we should all know chicken scratching does no sack justice. I don't think it requires much breaking in, considering mine hacked pretty well right outta the package which is great because no one wants to wait after the wait right? So, overall top notch sack. Great for beginners because of its ease of control. Definitely recommendable.
    • Excellent Circle Hack

      Review by Hack Reaper on 9/26/11
      I'll start with the negatives. Firstly, the hack gets pretty dirty quickly. Secondly, stalling is a bit difficult. That aside, this is a durable, easily controlled, and overall excellent circle hack. My friends and I have beaten this hack into the ground and it still bounces back. With excellent pop at that. Definitely a recommendation for those seeking a good circle or free style hack. Just forget any stalling tricks unless you want to practice a lot.
    • a pretty decent bag

      Review by flyingbarnanimals on 7/9/11
      Its a good bag for kicking, but when it comes to stalling it is pretty horrible. I think the fill level is ok (maybe a little less), but if the filler were metal it would offer a lot more control. otherwize it is a decent bag.
    • it's not for stalling

      Review by roscoe on 6/17/11
      it's not a footbag made for stalling if you want a good staller get a metal or sand footbag with under 32 panels
    • Good Bag

      Review by footbagger 02 on 11/27/10
      just got this bag and i love it. it has good pop, good control, but i litte dificult to control. I recomend this bag.
    • Too much filler

      Review by Garrett Matthews on 11/5/10
      I know the description says full but i have ordered a Patriot 120 and loved it and it was about half full of beads. Its a good hack just wish it had less filler.
    • Awesome!

      Review by cool kat on 10/9/10
      i got 196 hacks with it.
    • Pretty Coo

      Review by Tom on 6/14/10
      This is a really good hack, but is almost completely full and hard to stall. I use to practice cuz when i switch back to metal, control seems a lot easier. Great practice hack. crappy trick hack. unbreakable.
    • not sure

      Review by sasha on 4/23/10
      easy to break in.
      hard to stall
    • Good beginner hack

      Review by Sarah Webber (Dragonfly Footbags) on 3/23/10
      I would suggest going with either the Midnight 32 metal or the Pogo 8 sand if you are new to the sport. Both of the footbags will stall easily for you, and help you build your skill level quickly!
    • im thinking

      Review by kingtut645 on 3/23/10
      im kinda new to the sport but my skills r growing very quickly i need to get a nice hacky that is easy to do tricks with fast to break in and i play with my friends at school everyday between classes. i was thinking about getting a metal 1like i seen some it was like chainmail design pretty kewl i would get 1 of those but its 50 to 100 bucks for 1 and i just need a nice 1 for playing at school with friends and just to burn up time when i got nothing to do. do any of u guys have a recomendation on what hacky i should buy that would last me a couple years???????
    • not for me

      Review by hacker420 on 12/5/09
      this hack is very hard to get use to for beginers i do not recamed it if ur new to the game like me... get a metal they r easier to controll
    • Buy it

      Review by Ace7434 on 11/20/09
      It's a great hacky sack love the colors it's bigger than other hacky sacks but still love it and great name also.
    • Think about it....

      Review by Mto121494 on 10/4/09
      I would not suggest for noobs, it takes some skillz to control it, but if you want to learn to be good with any sack i would suggest it. Not good for stalling. Overall if you want to learn to be good, i would say 5 stars!!!
    • So fly

      Review by Mr.Waffles on 5/31/09
      This footbag is amazing in every way. The pop is incredible, the Grip and accuracy is simple and easy to master, and I haven't even broken it in yet and I still say this is easily the best footbag Ive ever come across!

      Keep stitchen those sacks!
    • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Review by Beastly on 5/14/09
      I havent broke it in yet but its awsome! shipping took 3 days super fast! good job ! ill probably buy all my hacky sacks here now! it pops up good!
    • great

      Review by tim on 4/2/09
      just got this 2 days ago shipping took 3 days. this footbag is great in my opinion, it broke in good within 2 days of good footbaging, gets dirty alot, the white is black now but w.e
    • alright

      Review by Scooter on 3/31/09
      don't have it but my friend does. Hacks alright and stalls good.
    • okay

      Review by yoshi on 2/26/09
      its easy to break in but its not the best
    • GREAT

      Review by trey on 1/19/09
      great sack breaks in easily and sets true
    • dude its awsom

      Review by jboy99 on 1/16/09
    • the best

      Review by tcity on 1/14/09
      i got it in 3 days when it takes 5-10 days. i love it ultra light and breaks in easy love it best ever if you are smart you will get the atom 92
    • free

      Review by Luke Bracero on 1/9/09
      this is a very easy one to use
    • awe-some

      Review by fez on 1/7/09
      i got this little beauty for christmas and it is amazing! i love it and so do my friends who have followed in my path of hacking. i guess i kinda started a trend at my school. anyway, this hacky sack is fantastic and very good to do tricks with. this is the only hackysack that i can do a JESTER with perfectly!
    • The ATOM 92 is a great foot bag to just hack.

      Review by Bono on 1/7/09
      The ATOM 92 is a great foot bag to kick around, its not so much of a trick foot bag, although it gets major air because of how well packed it is with plastic beads. I could kick it up to 10 feet without even trying. It is the one of the best foot bags to just hack with, it awesome.
    • Great

      Review by bacon on 11/20/08
      Best ever. I hacked all night..
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