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Assassin Chainmail Footbag


Brand Dragonfly Footbags

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Assassin Chainmail Footbag
Assassin Chainmail Footbag

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Dragonfly’s Assassin 32 Footbags have been one of our most popular lines for years. In 2011, we introduced our Chainmail Footbags which became the hottest selling line during the 2011 holiday season. We've had the Midnight Chainmail footbags for a couple years and now we introduce to you the best of both worlds in the all new Assassin Chainmail Footbags!

These Assassins are constructed just like our regular Chainmail Footbags, are made with all red metal and rubber rings, and also come with an extra special metal center that adds some bulk and weight compared to our regular Chainmail Footbag line.

The Assassin Chainmail Footbags from Dragonfly come in your choice of 22, 40, or 50 grams. The 22 gram is better for freestyling, while the 40 gram model is better for stalling and freestyle, and the 50 gram has some amazing pop!

Oh, and did we mention they happen to look sweet? Get yours today!


Brand Dragonfly Footbags



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