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Assassin 32 Metal


Diameter (Inches) 2
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Fill Level Loose
Panels 32

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Assassin 32 Metal
Assassin 32 Metal

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Love the 32 panel footbag design? Well here's a brilliant footbag for ya: the Assassin 32 Metal! It is one of our most popular footbags of all time! Obviously it has metal filling, 32 panels, thick and durable sythetic suede fabric, and carefully hand-stitched awesome red panels. It's a great bag for stalling and doing some tricks on your own. The metal ensures stallability and complete awesomeness. The Assassin also comes in both sand and traditional plastic filling. If you want all three, check out our Annihilator Combo


Diameter (Inches) 2
Brand Dragonfly Footbags
Fabric Synthetic Suede
Filling Metal
Fill Level Loose
Panels 32



    • The Best Dang Nibbit Hacky Sack Around

      Review by GuitarPlayer70 on 10/17/16
      As the title says, this is the best dang nibbit hacky sack around
    • Best Hacky Sack I own

      Review by GuitarPlayer70 on 9/22/16
      I have 8 hacky sacks, not all from dragonfly but I would highly recommend this. The filling level is perfect, it's durable, simply perfect.
    • This bag is in for the long haul!

      Review by Duncan on 7/12/16
      This bag is an all-around amazing performer! It stalls well, but my favorite part about it is the control I can get with a loose metal filling. I lighten mine to 20g, which is light enough for regular kicking but heavy enough for good stalls. The 32-panel design keeps the bag very round, and I recently got 509 consecutive hits with it!
    • This is a great bag for a great price!

      Review by Chase on 4/8/16
      I just ordered my second Assassin 32 panel metal-fill today. I have had my first one for about two or three months and it just got a hole in it the other day (because my coworkers and I play on our concrete floor at work). The Assassin has a good weight to it, good pop and control, it is durable, and it is excellent for solo or group hacking. The Assassin is tough bag in comparison to the Midnight bag and it lasts much longer, too. Overall- my coworkers and I are impressed with the Assassin!
    • Super durable and great for freestyle circle play

      Review by Chris on 2/11/16
      I play with about 6 to 8 people on a daily basis and this bag has lasted me FOREVER. I even accidentally left it out in the middle of my street overnight after i dropped it getting out of a car. It was deformed for a while but it softened up and was super broken in. Not one seam broke or widened! super impressive. It has a good weight, and gets dirt super fast. it also isnt as red as the picture, its more of a salmon color.
    • Best footbag I've ever had!

      Review by Duncan Donuts on 8/14/15
      This footbag is amazing! I originally had a Nemesis 14 Metal, but it ripped so much I had to stop stitching it back up. Enter, the Assassin 32 Metal. This footbag is amazing for stalls and just overall casual play. The control is awesome; I don't have "good" footbag shoes, but the Assassin is so easy to control I upped my record to 217 hits! I've been using this footbag constantly over the past 6 months, and there's no sign of ripping. I always hand serve, and the bag did take a while to break in, but now it's perfect! I'm getting another one-this bag is in it for the long haul. Thanks Dragonfly!
    • Great!!.... But too thick

      Review by Sir hacksalot on 6/21/15
      This bag is pretty sweet. Great weight for delays and stalls for sure. The fabric is really thick and definitely takes a while to break in. Because of the thickness it isn't amazing but I have had problems with footbags ripping and this one won't for a LONG time. Compared to the midnight it sure doesn't feel as nice but will last 10 times as longer no joke. A great bag but could have thinner fabric. I could see this lasting over a year without rips tho
    • Great but not Perfect

      Review by Jon on 8/10/14
      Plays very well, love the material, good for stalling and just an all around great bag. The Assassin 32 metal is a close competitor for the Midnight 32 metal. Midnight Metal still 1-Ups the Assassin Metal. 8/10
    • great

      Review by Jonah on 5/24/14
      best foot bag I have ever used. already learned new tricks and have beaten records. BUY
    • Wow

      Review by Basshead on 11/19/13
      I only have good things to say about this footbag.
      Within a couple days of receiving it, I had already learned new tricks and stalls, as well as breaking my previous records.
      I upgraded to this bag when I got tired of the crocheted plastic-fill and leather two-panel sand bags I had been previously using. The Assassin blew those away. It has the perfect weight, a great pop, and a huge potential for stalls.
      I can't recommend this bag enough. You will love it!

      Review by John on 9/14/13
      the best there is. i bought the stall master combo and this one stall's 2x better than the 3 of them combined. Thanks dragonfly.
    • Great Bag

      Review by JTFootbags on 4/29/13
      One of the best bags I've ever owned. It stalls great, it has amazing pop, and amazing control. Don't hesitate when it comes to this one.
    • Let this help make your decision

      Review by Kb on 1/30/13
      Best hacky sack ive owned. Don't think twice about buying this baby. Ive had her for about a month now, no rips, breaks in pretty easily, never could do stalls until this hacky sack, learned 2 different stalls within a couple days. Me and my friends have gotten much better since this hacky sack has been around. I play solo and also in very large groups and it is all around one of the best hacky sacks out there. A keeper, and antique.
    • Solid

      Review by Cj on 10/25/12
      I just got it today and it is an all around bag

      Stalling 9/10
      Pop 8/10
      Tricks 9/10
    • Amazing Hack

      Review by Blund on 10/11/12
      This hack is amazing and was a very good purchase. I love its control and everyting else about it! Everyone needs a hack like this one1
    • The best ever Made

      Review by Monsterkiller on 9/8/12
      Has the best stalls and easy to control and to pass. It's best for beginners and experts and perfect for a circle
    • Amazing

      Review by andy on 9/3/12
      This bag is perfect. i have had it for 5 months and had no rips or tears of any kind. the size is great and so is the weight.
    • best sack i ever had!

      Review by t-bone on 6/22/12
      just got it today, freaking sweet, nice pop and its sturdy, i love it.
    • Great

      Review by Cheaa on 6/19/12
      Just got it today best footbag i have ever used!!!
    • Pretty Cool

      Review by God-Mode on 6/14/12
      alright. this things does take a little bit to break-in not gonna lie. i'm pretty good at breaking in bags in less than an hour and this thing took me about 2 or so. but it is a good bag. it's got some nice pop to it, which is good for circle when you're still in the break-in process and once it's broken in, it's pretty darn good for freestyle. can roll a little bit, but that's good for teaching basics i guess. overall it's a very good bag.
    • My go-to bag

      Review by Bro on 6/1/12
      Just got this bag and I can not leave it alone! Seriously, very easy to control, it's very stable, yet nimble. Perfect for freestyle and great in a circle. I haven't used a better footbag in my life!

      Review by Homestitched on 5/31/12
      This is great for beginners.

      Review by BOSS on 5/17/12
      I just got this bag last week it is total awesome
      it is very good for stalling and tricks
      10/10 stalls
      9/10 tricks
    • AWESOME bag!!!

      Review by Cool dude on 5/14/12
      This is one sweet bag! My brother got it a few days ago and it is epic!!!
    • great hacky sack.

      Review by andy on 5/11/12
      this footbag is great. it has nice control and amazing pop. not so good staling though.

      Review by BOSS on 5/11/12
      I just got it today it is totally awesome bag
      9/10 stalling
    • Swwet!!!

      Review by Cool Man on 5/11/12
      This hackey is really great! Not reccomended for begginers, though. Still really great!!!!
    • Awesome

      Review by Crisco on 5/8/12
      Awesome footbag!!!!!! Its great!!!! Ive broken my record like 5 times with it! And its great for playing numbers.
    • Just buy it

      Review by rowing on 4/23/12
      This bag is just an A+. I ordered this with the midnight metal and I think this one is better by far. It is easier to control and has better pop. It's also way better for freestyle. The stalls are about equal. It takes a longer to break in than the midnight but it's worth it. If you are debating between these two I would get this one.
    • Lasted 3 years!

      Review by brandon on 4/23/12
      I ordered this puppy(different colour) back in 2009, granted i dont play every day, and i'm pretty much limited to summer weather if i want to play properly(space). last night was the first tiny 1mm hole in the fabric. i'll still play this one until the end, but i have ordered another one just today for when it meets its end!
      Best HackySack I've Ever Owned.
    • Solid Sack

      Review by Alex on 4/22/12
      All around, high quality sack.
    • Solid Sack

      Review by SackMaster1300 on 4/22/12
      High quality, all around sack, highly recommended.
    • awesome

      Review by assassin 32 on 3/31/12
      this hacky sack is great
    • Great

      Review by xHoneydew on 1/28/12
      This was a great bag for freestyle tricks and it stalls pretty well once you break it in. I wouldnt recommend it for beginners.
    • Dissapointed

      Review by D.Burns on 12/19/11
      well i received this footbag and ive used it for no more than 10 minutes (not even at once) and then the next day 2 stitches had just fallen out leaving two BIG holes. ive never even done any tricks or scoops from the ground with it.
    • good

      Review by sacman23 on 11/22/11
      my friend got this sac and we play all the time.. nice pop, okay stall, its got nice weight for such a small sac. its a must have sac.. for sure
    • sic sac bro

      Review by Austen on 10/6/11
      this sac is pretty dang sic. u can stall like a boss. tricks are easy and pop is nice. it has a nice weight to it
    • great sac

      Review by pdaddy on 10/6/11
      stalls nice and sacs like a boss.
    • Solid

      Review by SorenConrad on 9/12/11
      Very durable, not the best in either but it has solid control, solid stall. I found it takes some time to break in as it came as a pancake that it would want to go back into its pancake form for the first 2-3 weeks making it hard to stall in that period. After that its been just fine. its on the "second" tier of bags I like. I have 2 that I love, this is in the love to like category just under those others.
    • This bag is totally legit

      Review by Johan on 11/9/10
      Super cool bag stalls great and takes almost no break in time
    • Great Footbag

      Review by wingman on 11/9/10
      This footbag is amazing. It is great for anything: stalling, freestyling, or circle kicking. It has surprising pop for how heavy it is, and it much easier to control than most freestyle bags. Stalling can be difficult at first due to the high panel count, but it stalls great with some practice. It seems very durable, but the yellow does get dirty very fast. Even when it does get dirty, you can wash it in cold water and it will easily dry overnight.

      I have no complaints, you can't go wrong with this footbag.
    • really good hacky sack but not really worth 17$

      Review by nick a on 10/23/10
      this is a good hacky sack. but for 6 or 7 bucks less i could have gotten a very nice sand hacky sack. one good thing is it is double layered so it wont tear easy. also the metal pieces are less likely to leak out then sand.it is really small, really heavy, and is really hard to stall, but it is the best to flog with ever.
    • Excellent

      Review by Scuba Steve on 10/16/10
      Nice quality footbag, got it in yellow, gets dirty fast, but awesome stability because of the 32 panels. 5 STARS!!!
    • kicks ASSassin

      Review by DevinHussey12 on 9/13/10
      this bag is legit. it is perfect for my style because it has a good pop when juggled and also stays right on your foot when you stall. It was just a little smaller than i thought but i give a recomendation for this bag and anyother metal 32 panel. All 5 stars earned!

      Review by Lucas The newbie on 9/3/10
      this bag is amazing i think this is one of the best bags i ever had or played with i might be talking up alot but wow i love it. Still working on the stalls with it but the fabric is taking awhile to break in which means it should last awhile but i could see how u dont want to put alot of back force on this bag.
    • Great bag

      Review by Mario on 7/3/10
      This is a great bag takes a lil while to break in but is made of strong material hasn't broke yet and has great control best footbag I have ever bought I would recommend
    • Sweeeeeeeeeeet

      Review by Leftyy on 6/17/10
      awesome sack, i use it after school with my friends and EVRYONE loves it...and yes, it is good for stalling once its broke in...DoNt BLamE thE SacK if yA jUsT SUUCk pEOPle bElOw MeE
    • pretty good

      Review by Quinn on 6/9/10
      Great bag only reason i gave it 4 stars is it takes a little while to break in and a little hard to stall but still a great buy
    • wat a piece of @#$%

      Review by nick on 5/29/10
      this hack sucks had it for two days and already broke piece of junk!!!
    • good bag not for stalling

      Review by Charles the felow hackyman on 5/19/10
      Kinda feels like mario did with mid air control.
      Great for streaks
      Sadly synthetic suede is resilient and so is the sack
      This little dude rolls of your foot when stalling
      (still in the breaking) That sucks.
      Simply put, its a good sack for playing kill but dosen't play alone.
      For stalling i highly recommend getting out of the synthetic suede.
      Still a good purchase because my mom paid it.
      Next sack is Mr.Sandman the cheap stall bag
    • Nice

      Review by Newb on 5/19/10
      A little heavy for my likings, but i cant say its a bad hack because it isnt.
    • cut your hair

      Review by Lezthan3 on 5/17/10
      i just got my second assassin in the mail today i can't get enough of this bag, its just perfect all around great buy
    • Awesome Bag

      Review by Christopher on 5/14/10
      This bag is the best I've ever used! EVER! Its fill is perfect and the weight is great. I got mine yesterday and couldn't stop playing with it. Up until a friend of mine kicked into the the vents of the gym... sucks hard core... But that won't stop me I've already ordered another one, just waiting for it to get here. Its bag is perfect for anyone. I wish I could give it more stars
    • BEAST

      Review by Kreg on 4/29/10
      great for semi beginners. my first hacky sack and i know its a little expensive but why save 2-3 bucks on a sack thats not nearly as good? great for juggling and stalling. much better then the assasin 32 plastic.
    • alright

      Review by l sizzlin stalz on 4/28/10
      its a pretty good sack but it keeps its shape to well. when i stall it ROLLS off my foot it needs to be a lot more flexible. though overall a good sack.

      Review by John on 4/24/10
      I just got this bag today, and it is by far the best sack i have ever had. Stalling is amazing and the control is phenomenal.
    • definately not for kicking around

      Review by footbagboi on 4/17/10
      this bag is more of a stalling and tricks bag. its not strong enough to be kicked around for days and days. the seams come loose and it gets holes. but on the other hand... if you are an experienced footbagger you will find this bag quite enjoyable with good stalability and weight
    • not good at all

      Review by billy on 4/13/10
      compared to the other bags this one sucks. u have no control over and it cant stall for sh*t
    • very good footbag

      Review by ian on 4/8/10
      i loved everything about this footbag, except it did not have a long life for my playing style
    • Great

      Review by BeastlySKA on 4/2/10
      Fun footbag, i got some pretty good streaks out on it. I hardly needed to break it in. Good Buy. I love it. And stalls are pretty easy.
    • Questions about Assassin 32

      Review by Sarah Webber (Dragonfly Footbags) on 3/23/10
      The Midnight 32 metal and the Assassin 32 metal are very similar but there are a few differences which makes the Assassin unique. The Assassin is about 80 grams in weight and little bigger in diameter than the Midnight 32. These two differences both give the player stall advantage and makes it a great beginner bag!
    • Great

      Review by Someone on 3/15/10
      I realy like it got it a few days ago and it is the best thing ever a little hard to stall but a great bag
    • Is this just like the midnight 32 metal?

      Review by Drew on 3/10/10
      Is this exactly like the midnight 32 metal? Just a different color? Please help me. Thanks
    • A vast improvement

      Review by SamB on 3/6/10
      I just received my assassin32 footbag and realized it was MUCH softer and flexible than my eclipse32 I had recently lost. But anyway, great playability. I'm a satisfied customer. Hope to get one of those gumball bags when and if they ever come back :P
    • nice

      Review by Lucas on 3/6/10
      to me it's basically the same as the midnight 32. I like it though. I think it's actually better. The pink sorta looks like red.
    • good bag

      Review by j on 2/10/10
      just got it today. great craftsmanship, good pop, still gotta break it in. thankyou dragonfly
    • my baby=this bag

      Review by qualshred on 2/9/10
      this is great bag, im only 3 weeks in and im learning to bust around the worlds to different stalls and im getting close to that behind the leg side a the foot stall just because of this bag, and you think itd make me sloppier but i have a crappy 6 dollar crotchet sack and i can do all the new trix i learn on this one, its great for learning technical trix and getting them down, feel like an a** though, wont let my friends kick it around for fear a them ripping it=P
    • My favorite bag, not stitched properly

      Review by Firebert010 on 2/1/10
      I bought this bag a while ago, within a two weeks of kicking it and loving it, I noticed that the opening that was left between the last stitches to fill the bag with metal had the nylon thread with the end tied off in a knot sticking out. I knew this could not be good and within a day the knot in the end of the nylon had become partially untied and the stitch next to it was becoming loose because the thread was pulling out

      I realized the bag was coming apart, and quickly acted to sew up the gap before the hole got any wider. This all happened within less than TWO WEEKS of me kicking this bag. Although I was able to sew it up with no effect on the bag's playability, I do not at all appreciate this from a supposedly "quality" bag maker.

      I'll be honest, this is a great bag. By far my favorite and it is my first 32-panel. It is heavy, but it feels right, I can't stop playing with this bag. I enjoyed myself a lot when I began with this bag. I really love it, but I just wish it would have stayed together like a proper bag should. I'm sorry Dragonfly, I've tried to remain loyal, but this bag has disappointed me in its integrity.
    • fkjfjfkdl

      Review by Average Dave on 12/28/09
      Amazing hack broke it in after a couple days non stop hackin
    • great

      Review by 4444444 on 12/28/09
      great hack!
    • god like hac

      Review by Frank on 12/16/09
      i had this one and i loved it until my friend kicked it on the roof of my school!!!
    • kjshdglkajhsgkh

      Review by nate on 12/10/09
      the best hacky sack i have ever played with...... i have had it for 3 months now and play every day.... everything is easier with it... you can play better and do tricks better with excellent handling.
    • the is one of my best hackie sacks i have evr owned

      Review by goodhack on 12/5/09
      this sack is one of the best i have had for a long time... out of all the metal foot bags iv had this was the only one i could hack with in socks or bare feet because all my others came down way to fast.. i am not saying this one is light weight but i am saying it has a bunch of pop.... over all i highly suggest getting one of these.
    • very good

      Review by Hack Dragon on 11/25/09
      this hackey sack is great. this was my first metal hack and i loved it. i hack all the time so it was broken in by two weeks. great pop. decent stallability. however, i would recomend the pogo 8 metal over any other hack on this site.
    • great bag

      Review by c000ch on 11/18/09
      ive bought two of these and they are amazing. stalling is incredible easy. the bag came broken in. its easy to control at a small size. the only problem is durability. take it easy on these bags or they wont last long, but thats to be expected with the metal bags
    • really cool

      Review by Elliot on 11/4/09
      the assassin32 is pretty cool... is said the fill level was goiing to be loose but its almost fool but its still a great footbag! broke in pretty fast took about a couple of hits and rubs but its really gunna step my game up!!! thank you dragonfly footbags!!!!! :)
    • Great for stalls

      Review by Mto121494 on 10/4/09
      This is a great footbag for beginners, and experts alike. It has good pop, and specializes in stalling. I would suggest, for first time buyers!!!
    • GOOD

      Review by Rikimaru on 9/26/09
      Really good stalls nice but is kinda small
    • awesome

      Review by Dominic on 7/23/09
      my friend has but he broke his leg and quit footbagging and he gave it to me and it has taken my skills to another level
    • *****

      Review by Assassinator on 7/12/09
      Awsome: 5 star
    • easy stall

      Review by bobo on 6/16/09
      easy to control stalls easy
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